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Gin G-Chute (Descent Drogue Chute)


  • $110.00 AUD

The Gin G-chute is a light and compact (190 g) descent drag parachute that reduces the high G forces that may occur during the descent in a spiral dive.

Gin G-chute User Manual

This small descent drag chute enables the pilot to achieve a higher rate of descent with fewer turns and less G-force. It is installed on the riser and only deployed during a spiral dive. After the spiral, the Gin G-chute can be killed by pulling on the middle line and stored for reuse.

Depending on the glider and sink rate, a Gin G-chute will reduce the G-force up to 30%.

The G-chute is particularly effective with high aspect ratio paragliders and is recommended for pilots who fly with the competition gliders

Colours may vary from the those shown

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