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Icom IC-41PRO


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Radios marked as (Programmed) are programmed with Private SAFA's private UHF frequencies.

All our radios come with default ICOM IC-41PRO factory programming so you can always ask others with the same radio for help. We have added some smarts to it to make your life and the lives of your fellow pilots easier. No annoying beeping and no locked-in channels

Radios marked as (Programmed) are come with 0ur Paragliding Friendly Custom Programming changes on the top of ICOM's default settings

  • You can activate preprogrammed SAFA private UHF channels on all Fly2Base ICOM radios.
  • The radio will return to the channel selected prior to turning the radio off, the same as the older models. The default setting on new radios always starts on channel 1. So you don't have to change back to your local channel every time you turn the radio on and off
  • TOT (Time-Out Timer) is set to 30sec
  • ATS/Smart Ring is set to Off (ATS Automatic Transporter System)
  • TOT Beep is set to Off (Turning off the annoying pocket beep)
  • Pocket Beep is set to Off 

If you are after clear communication when flying we have you covered.

Supplied Accessories

  • Antenna FA-SC72U
  • Belt clip MB-133
  • Battery charger BC-213
  • AC adaptor BC-123SV
  • Battery pack BP-280


Optional Accessories

The Waterproof Handheld UHF CB

  • 80 Channel UHF CB (*)
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP67)
  • 5-year warranty on the radio
  • 18hr typ. operating time with BP280
  • Simple operation
  • New rotary Channel Selector/Squelch control
  • Voice announcement of channel number
  • VOX capability with optional headset options
  • Scrambler capability built-in (**)
  • Receive only Channels (**) – up to 35
  • Unique repeater scan plus open, group and priority scan
  • In-range indicator (ATS)
  • Output power 5 Watts (low power 1 Watt)
  • Built-in CTCSS/DCS (providing silent stand-by)
  • Selective Calling (SELCALL)
  • The duplex operation provides repeater access
  • Compact and rugged construction (based on a commercial product)
  • Private Channels from 450-520 MHz available for commercial users (dealer programmable), requires FASC72U antenna (frequency between 490-520MHz)
  • CS-41PRO User software available for customisation of operation (requires OPC-478UC cable)

To switch between the standard UHF frequencies and the SAFA (HGFA) frequencies follow these steps.

  • Turn on your radio.
  • Short press the top grey button > FUNC ON will appear > F symbol will indicate that the Function is on in the left-hand side of the LCD screen.
  • Press and hold the LOW button with the key symbol > CB or HGFA group will appear on the screen.
  • Use the rotary selector button to change between HGFA and CB channel groups.
  • Press PTT (Press To Talk) button to confirm your selection.

How to turn on and off the radio tone squelch

  • Make sure that the screen lock has been deactivated
  • Hold the top side selector button for 2 seconds
  • Circle through the options to turn the  tone squelch on or off

How to change CTCSS tone frequency?

ICOM IC-41PRO setting the CTCSS tone frequency or DTCS code

SAFA CTCSS frequencies

  • SAFA 1 192.8 Hz
  • SAFA 2 82.5 Hz
  • SAFA 3 110.9 Hz
  • SAFA 4 151.4 Hz

    *80 Channel UHF CB, 61-63 not present, reserved for future use
    ** Must be enabled by the dealer or via CS-41PRO software

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