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Kortel Kolibri Rucksack 40


  • $320.00 AUD

Unleash the adventurer in you with the Kortel Kolibri Rucksack 40, tailor-made for paragliding aficionados and mountain lovers alike. Crafted with precision and passion, this rucksack is your ultimate companion for conquering the skies and reaching new summits.


Designed to withstand the demands of paragliding, the Kolibri paragliding rucksack is forged from lightweight yet durable materials, ensuring uncompromised performance throughout your journey.


Equipped with a plethora of essential functions, it seamlessly integrates into your adventures, providing unparalleled convenience and reliability.


Whether you're embarking on a day trip or aiming for the highest peaks, the Kortel Kolibri Rucksack 40 is your trusted ally, offering ample space and organization for all your gear.

From secure compartments to ergonomic design, every aspect is meticulously crafted to enhance your paragliding experience.

Say goodbye to compromises and embrace the freedom of flight with the Kortel Kolibri Rucksack 40. Elevate your adventures, soar to new heights, and make every moment count with the ultimate paragliding rucksack by your side.


Size and Weight

  • Volume: 40L
  • Weight: 650g

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