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Kortel Speedbar 2 Step Lightweight

Kortel Speedbar 2 Step Lightweight


  • $47.00 AUD

Kortel Speedbar 2 Step Lightweight, equipped with 2 soft bars. Made of Dyneema, it is ultra-resistant for its weight. Compatible with all current harnesses. This speed system is particularly suitable for lightweight pod harnesses and lightweight hammocks or string harnesses. If you don't like the hard 2nd step and using both legs on the full bat with an open harness this speed system wil work well for you. 

The and of the line has a stitched loop at that end so you can easily create a lark knot over the Brummel hook or another knot. This speedbar doesn't come with the Brummel Hook.

Delivered with 2 cord clamps, to lock it in the high position at take-off and avoid tripping on it.

Weight: 30g

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