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Neo Classic Rucksack Women (110)


  • $460.00 AUD

Neo Classic Rucksack Women


A feminine version of NEO classic 110L paragliding rucksack designed to carry our standard pod harness and plastic rod gliders, in comfort in the comfortable and durable paragliding rucksack.


Fabric and materials: Highly abrasion-resistant Ripstop Cordura, YKK zips, Hypalon, and aluminium buckles.

Designed For Your Comfort
Still tall and narrow, our Classic bag 110L features a new load-bearing concept for better stability. The comfort and perfect carrying balance is based on 2 technical concepts developed by NEO:

  1. The shoulder strap fixed on the Hypalon piece distributes the load at the base of the bag.
  2. New load point fixed to the waistband.

The ergonomic 3D mesh for the back, shoulders and waistband is reinforced with premium foam and mesh.

Its large opening allows fast loading. The fluidity and strength of its zipper are guaranteed by the large YKK zip.

The robust materials used to make it and the metal buckles make it an ideal companion for all your adventures, at take-off or when travelling by plane.

Added Extras that make it not so classic

  • Backs, straps and belts specific to women
  • Small zipped pocket on the left side with a key hook
  • Large zipped front pocket
  • Licence pocket at the top of the back (access from inside the bag only)
  • Large main opening
  • Double side compressions
  • Load reminders at the top of the back and at the bottom of the bag
  • 2 carrying handles: upper back and left side
  • Belt and sternum attachment system with aluminium hook

Paragliding Rucksack For Women
Aware of the major differences in morphology between men and women, NEO wanted to develop a bag designed by women for women. We obviously started with the basic elements that make up our Lite bags: Dyneema fabric, quality zips and reinforcements, and a load distribution system. Then we adapted it to women, not only by giving it a more feminine touch but by really studying the differences that make carrying comfortable for a man but not for a woman. We then reworked the design of our bags, adapting the format to the female morphology:

  • Shoulder width
  • The length and width of the back
  • The shape of the hips and chest are all different from those of men

Women can now find their allies for carrying their equipment! And escape on long walks before taking off!

NEO Rucksack Classic 110L Women
Ergonomic rucksack with a taller design to fit the Neo Suspender and other standard pod harnesses.

  • Volume: 110L
  • Weight: 1100g
  • Colour: Grey & Pink

Neo Classic Paragliding Rucksack was developed specifically for the NEO Suspender and other standard pod harnesses and gliders with rods. The Suspender is a less bulky harness but a longer one. Modern gliders with rods are folded in three parts, so NEO developed this taller rucksack. Durable and ergonomic 3D mesh back, shoulder straps and waist strap, perfect for travelling far by plane. Hypalon carrying system that takes the load on the lower part of the bag.

  • Side compression straps
  • Chest strap
  • Large front pocket
  • Upper and side handles
  • Aluminium buckles


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