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Neo Kids Tandem Spreaders (Pair)


  • $60.00 AUD

* Carabiners are not included

Neo Kids Tandem Spreaders (Pair)

Designed to optimise pilot/passenger position when flying with kids, for your child’s first flights, the NEO Kids Tandem Spreaders offer 3 hang point levels. Easy to handle and extra strong, NEO Kids Tandem Spreaders allow the pilot and passenger to fly with comfort, at the correct height and with perfect visibility. The pilot/passenger couple is a compact load and the pilot remains close to the wing: making the glider nice and precise for the pilot. NEO Kids Tandem Spreaders are the perfect accessory to fly with the younger generation!


Technical Data

  • One size with 3 hang point levels
  • Breaking strength: 2600 kg
  • Length 31 cm



Name: Kids Tandem Spreaders
Accessories: paragliding tandem
Type: Lightweight
Geometry: double asymmetric Y
Concept: tandem spreaders for kids with 3 hang point levels
Size: one size
Delivered: without carabiners
Main materials: Dyneema PE webbing, Cordura Polyamide
Materials: made in Europe
Manufacturing: made in France

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