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NEO Neck Warmer Protect


  • $35.00 AUD

NEO Neck Warmer Protect - Ride protected!

To cope with the harsh winter and the new health measures,
NEO has extended its range of neckwarmers with the new Neckwarmer Protect.

Developed to meet health requirements
it will be your ally to keep you warm and protected!

Made in France and available in 3 colours with the NEO design,
choose the one that will accompany you all winter long!

UNS1 certification

NEO Neckwarmer Protect UNS1 certification
Certified by the French Ministry of Defence (DGA) according to the UNS1 standard. This guarantees a filtration efficiency of more than 91% for particles as small as 3 microns thanks to a special polyester fabric. Washable at 60 degrees and reusable. The integrated nose clip ensures a perfect fit.

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