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Neo Speed Pack Small Gliders (Stuff Bag)


  • $89.00 AUD

Neo Speed Pack -  Paragliding Stuff Bag

Manufacturer's website: Neo Speed Pack

Neo Speed Pack is a fast packing bag also known ad a stuff sack used to quickly pack away or store your paraglider.

  • Weight: 135g
  • Fabric and materials: Porcher Skytex 40 + Fidlock system


  • S (wings less than 11 sq/m)
  • M (wings more than 11 sq/m)


Extras - Fidlock Premium Magnetic Fasteners Attachment System 
Neo Speed Pack Small Gliders Paragliding Stuff Bag comes with an added Fidlock Premium Magnetic Fasteners Attachment System that allows the bag to be connected to NEO harnesses. Connection is used when moving around to secure the bag for example no char lift, cable cart or while walking longer distances with your mini wings packed in the stuff bag.

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