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Neo Stay Up 2 (Hike and Fly)


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Neo Stay Up 2 Hike and Fly paragliding harness.

Light Strong and Efficient Ultralight pod harness.

Manufacturer's website: Neo Stay Up 2

Neo Stay Up is back in an improved version but faithful to the virtues that earned it its reputation. It is still as resistant due to the exclusive ripstop Dyneema material used, which proved itself in the last 5 years.

This second version is the result of a close collaboration with our ambassadors, Max Pinot and Tim Alongi. We live and fly at the same spot, which makes creating and sometimes daily modifications easy. The StayUp 2.0 is very similar to the last Promodel used in the latest H&F races such as X-Alps, Bornes to Fly and X-Pyr, among others. In order to meet the demands of flying in these competitions, we redesigned the 3D shape of the NEO seat for more comfort, stability, and precision in handling.

Technical Data

Neo Stay Up 2 Technical Data Paragliding Harness

Innovation is in our DNA: finding technical improvements, new materials, and the sewing that will make the difference. Challenges are our motivation. The StayUp is the result of this conviction that motivates us, that the best is yet to be done! Mathias Francou R&D Team

Philosophy of the Stay Up 2
The StayUp is a high-end light pod harness suitable for experienced pilots as well as for pilots new to pod harnesses. Whether it is for demanding hikes and fly competitions or for everyday flying at your local site, the resistance and weight of the StayUp make it the ideal companion. Since the first generation, we have always emphasised comfort and a sitting position that allows pilots to relax, fly longer and be more confident by eliminating the embellishments and appendixes that do not contribute to performance and the athlete, and make the harness heavier. Our ambassadors are very mindful of their efficiency and NEO's DNA is of the same calibre.

Size Chart

Neo Stay Up 2 Size Chart

Neo Stay Up 2 Reserve container compatibility with other reserve parachutes

Neo Stay Up 2 Reserve container compatibility with other reserve parachutes

The StayUp 2.0 is the first NEO harness to include a Booomtag®. It's an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip with information about your product. Simply scan the chip with your smartphone to benefit from the advantages offered by Booomtag® technology (product registration, user manual, safety information...).

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