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Neo String 2


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Manufacturer's website: Neo The String

Neo The String the Lightweight and durable lightweight harness

Harness: paragliding & speedflying
Type: ultra-light
Geometry: leg straps ABS
Concept: legs straps and ventral strap front opening + variable back position
Certification: EN1651
Sizes: S – M – L
Weight (without carabiners) : 320g (S) – 345g (M) – 370g (L); weight production gap +/- 10 %
Rescue: optional front container
Option: AUSTRI ALPIN Rocket carabiners (64 g)
Option: The String Cover Leg
Option: The String Airbag
Main materials: Dyneema fabric and webbings, Koroyd/Mesh3D polyester sandwich, Hypalon
Materials: made in Europe
Manufacturing: made in France


The String + Cover Leg Version FR from NEO on Vimeo.


NEO has launched a new version of the Ultra-light harness for paragliding and speed flying: The String. Ideal for mountain flying, Hike and Fly, and flying trips. The NEO String is precise and stable; you can enjoy the ride in thermals and even go XC, thanks to genuine comfort. The primary goal of the String is to provide a high level of comfort in an extremely lightweight design, without compromising durability. Every element of the harness is precisely cut and assembled for an ergonomic shape with true dorsal support and comfort for the legs. The material selection is also critical, with each component chosen without regard for cost. The String is adjusted to your size using a velcro strap, simply and efficiently.

The ventral strap and legs are linked directly to the main carabiner. With just two clicks, you’re ready to fly. When your fingers are cold every second count at the summit, and when you’re tired on a steep slope, ease equals safety.

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Neo The String Paragliding harness

This new version features several innovations for this harness category:

  • Utra-light and also more durable due to the new NEO Dyneema fabric specially developed by one of our European suppliers.
  • The new « Balance System » trims your back position in flight.
  • The removable leg cover can be added as an option: the « Balance System » makes it possible:
  • More comfortable and supple leg straps due to the KOROYD/3D MESH technology.

A removable Certified Airbag is available as an optional extra.

The NEO String is EN certified. The internal Dyneema structure actually offers much more strength than required for certification. The String has been designed to use NEO/AUSTRIALPIN Stratus carabiners, which are delivered as an option, but any other automatic carabiner or connector will work. You can choose to keep your wing and harness permanently attached, or simply slip it on at take off and fasten the legs each time. The NEO String is easy to use, and light to carry, and will accompany you on any trip to any location to enjoy the flight!

300g of comfort, durability and simplicity.

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