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Nodus Textile Snap-shackle T-Lock 6 Soft Link (sold individually)


  • $42.00 AUD

The price for a single item, please order two for a pair.


Multi-use  Nodus Textile Snap-shackle T-Lock 6 (soft link)


The Nodus Textile Snap-shackle T-Lock is a multi-use Textil snap shackle (soft link), with a safety locking system.  


Used For

  • Tandem reserve connection


Product Details

  • Breaking Load: 2,900 kg
  • Loop Lenght: 10 cm



  • The flexibility of the textile ensures that the work is on the axis of the strengths.
  • Bigger contact area for a better holding on rings, eyelets, etc.
  • UV resistant
  • Excellent abrasive resistance
  • No damage to the webbing

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