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NOVA Bantam 2 (Hike & Fly Mini Wing)

NOVA Bantam 2 (Hike & Fly Mini Wing)


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Three-liner | Cells: 33 | Aspect ratio: 4.5 | Weight: 1.6 kg – Size 12 (EN/LTF D)

BANTAM 2 – Built for para-alpinists

With a weight of only 1.6 kg (size 12), very short lines and ultra-small pack size, the BANTAM 2 (size 14: EN C/LTF D, size 12: EN/LTF D) is an excellent miniwing for alpine adventures and competitions. This mountaineering wing masters demanding take-off sites and inspires with its speed, good glide performance and high stability.




The BANTAM (1) was the very first wing NOVA sent me a few days before I signed my contract, and it's fair to say that it was that wing which made our partnership what it is today. Therefore, it holds a special place in my heart. The BANTAM 2 retains everything that made the BANTAM 1 so special: its dynamic and fun behaviour, incredible lightness, and precise handling. It also adds performance, stability, and an extended speed range, making this wing the ultimate hike & fly machine. Theo de Blic


Quick feedback on the Bantam2 14 maiden flight. As you know, I have had a few mini-wings before, both heavy and light. This one is by far the easiest to launch. I flew it in somewhat gusty conditions at Hinchies, with gusts to 12 kn before launching in around 4 in. Flying was very confidence-inspiring. Bantam 2 is very stable as I flew through a shear layer of some gusts rolling in. It is playful without being nervous at all. The break travel is on the longer side. I was surprised I could fly turns without the height loss I got in other wings, but banking it hard also does the trick here. The landing was in nil wind, and this is where the bantam shines. It has a nice flare. I had worse landings on big wings!  The risers deserve extra mention, and they are the best I have seen on a mini. Light and stiff.  Norbert Krause



NOVA Bantam 2 Technology Paragliding Hike and Fly


Nova Bantam 2 Technical Data Paragliding Hike and Fly


  • Leading edge: Dominico 10D, 26 g/m²
  • Top surface: Dominico 10D, 26 g/m²
  • Lower surface: Dominico 10D, 26 g/m²
  • Profile ribs (suspended): Skytex 27 hard 27 g/m²
  • Profile ribs (unsuspended): Skytex 27 hard 27 g/m²
  • Main lines: Liros PPSLS 191 / TSL 140
  • Gallery lines: Edelrid U-8000 / PPSLS 65
  • Brake lines: 7850-240 / PPSLS 65
  • Risers: Kevlar 7 mm

Red Bull Dolomitenmann 2023
At the 36th Red Bull Dolomitenmann 2023, the BANTAM demonstrated its outstanding take-off and flight performance. Only BANTAM 2 pilots were on the podium.

1. Aaron Durogati (ITA), BANTAM 2 🥇
2. Tobi Großrubatscher (ITA), BANTAM 2 🥈
3. Thomas Friedrich (AUT) BANTAM 2 🥉
4. Sepp Inniger (SUI), BANTAM 1
5. Christian Moser (ITA), BANTAM 2
6. Sascha Assmair (AUT), BANTAM 2
7. Martin Stofner (ITA), BANTAM 2
8. Chrigel Maurer (SUI), BANTAM 2
9. Patrick von Känel (SUI), BANTAM 2
10. Nicola Heiniger (SUI), BANTAM 1

For the first time, women were also allowed to participate, but without their own ranking. Our miniwing dominated here as well.

1. Elisabeth Kofler, ITA, BANTAM 1 🥇
2. Tamara Lunger (ITA), BANTAM 2 🥈
3. Elena Ghilardi (ITA), BANTAM 1 🥉
4. Eli Egger (AUT), BANTAM 2
5. Lisa Fässler (SUI)
6. Melanie Weber (GER)
7. Lea Horngacher (AUT), BANTAM 1
9. Pauline Müller (GER)
10. Jana Sedlarova (CZE), BANTAM 1
11. Veronika Kulata (CZE), BANTAM 1

Out of a total of 112 pilots at the start, ten flew BANTAM 2 and 50 flew BANTAM 1.

We congratulate everyone and thank them for their confidence in the NOVA BANTAM!

Ranking overall:
Ranking Paragliding:

To the launch, get set, go! The BANTAM 2 features all the characteristics that enable top rankings in competitions like the Red Bull Dolomitenmann, Rise & Fall, etc. A quick launch is essential and this occurs reliably thanks to the short lines and easy inflation. In the air, the ultralight mountain wing impresses with even better glide performance, higher stability and top speed than its predecessor. For several years now, the BANTAM concept has proven itself at the Red Bull Dolomitenmann: with the BANTAM (1), Chrigel Maurer has won the individual paragliding discipline three times in a row. During the development of the BANTAM 2, the core characteristics were once again significantly improved. 

Compact companion. The short lines and direct handling of the BANTAM 2 enable extreme precision – from launch to landing. Its predecessor gave rise to Theo de Blic's world-famous Throw & Go videos, in which he launches the BANTAM from narrow cliffs and exposed peaks. The BANTAM 2 excites with even simpler and less complicated launch behaviour, which is also an absolute advantage on less extreme launch sites. Feedback through the risers and brakes is conveyed even more directly. The agility and speed of the miniwing means lots of flying fun. The BANTAM 2 can also withstand strong winds without any problems. Improved flare and stall behaviour guarantees a soft landing. The combination of these features makes for a great flying experience. Whether hike & fly, climb & flying or simply a pleasurable glide down - the BANTAM 2 is a great companion for your day in the mountains.

New design – same principle. With our own design software, we were able to significantly optimise the characteristics of the BANTAM 2. It also benefits from the know-how generated by the design of the ION 7 & ION 7 Light and the MENTOR 7 & MENTOR 7 Light. Based on the successful design of its predecessor, the BANTAM 2 meets all the demands of a fun mountaineering wing. It differs in essential parameters such as profile and arc. This increases stability and improves performance and launch and landing behaviour. The slightly increased aspect ratio of 4.5 (BANTAM (1): 4.4) also contributes to a better glide. With a distance from pilot to canopy of 4.3 m and a weight of only 1.6 kg in size 12 (50 grams less than its predecessor), the BANTAM 2 is even more light and compact.

Simply flying. Thanks to its clever features, using the BANTAM 2 is easier than ever before. Coloured sheathed main lines make pre-launch preparations easier and do not tangle much. The 7 mm easily manageable and ultralight Kevlar-reinforced risers have been stiffened to minimise twisting. If there are slippery conditions on take-off, the included holding pins allow you to easily secure the glider. During launch, the pins detach from the ground and fly down into the valley attached to the glider. The Nitinol rods in the leading edge make packing easier as they reduce volume while retaining their shape. After landing, you can quickly pack your BANTAM 2 and be ready for the next adventure.

Ultra-lightweight. The ultimate in lightness.
Designed for hike & fly, climb & fly and vol biv, ultra-lightweight products are built to be as light and compact as possible. To achieve this, we use the lightest materials and technologies available - but never at the expense of safety! For the longest possible enjoyment of the product, we recommend particularly careful handling of the equipment.

The BANTAM 2 is made of these materials

  • Risers: Light risers, 7 mm wide, Kevlar-reinforced
  • Nitinol rods for better profile shape in accelerated flight and easier packing
  • Upper and lower surface: Dominico 10D 26 g/m²
  • Profile ribs: Porcher Skytex 27 hard 27g/m²


Target Group

The BANTAM 2 is aimed at pilots who like to fly small, manoeuvrable, ultralight paragliders. With regard to pilot experience, the well-known rule applies: the skill required increases with the wing loading. So if you fly the BANTAM 2 12 (EN D) at the upper end of the weight range, you must expect very dynamic flight behaviour. Accordingly, a high degree of wing control is needed. In contrast, the BANTAM 2 in size 14 (EN C) is quite a tame mountain glider when loaded in the lower third of the certified weight range. It can climb even in weaker thermals.

In general, the BANTAM 2 is ideal for hike & fly and climb & fly - as well as for competitions such as Red Bull Dolomitenmann or Rise & Fall.

To choose the right glider size for your ability, please check the technical data and ask your NOVA dealer for advice.

Scope of Delivery

  • Mini Stuff Sack
  • Simple Flag
  • Holding-Pins
  • Repair Kit
  • User Manual

NOVA Protect - 1 Year Accidental Damage Warranty
NOVA Protect is a fully comprehensive protection package for your paraglider. One year after the purchase of a new glider and after registering your wing (within 14 days of buying) with my NOVA, your wing is covered once for accidental damage. We will repair tears, and replace lines or panels (EUR 50.- + shipping and VAT deductible).

4 Years Manufacturer's Warranty
This Full 4-year Warranty covers material as well as workmanship. If your NOVA Trim Tuning and a NOVA Full Service were completed by an authorised NOVA partner, 4 Years On Materials comes into effect and this extends the guarantee to four years*. If we are unable to repair the problem, we will deduct the current value when purchasing a new NOVA paraglider.

More details on the manufacturer's website: NOVA


You have to have the training and a licence to fly a paraglider. Check with your instructor if you are buying your first glider.

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