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Nova Compression Bag


  • $39.00 AUD

The NOVA Compression Bag reduces the volume of the wing, protects it from sweat and helps to pack it flatter, which makes carrying it in your rucksack more comfortable. The Compression Bag is fitted with a vent. When opened, any remaining air can be pushed out of the bag.

Basic data: Size S/M
  • Weight: approximately 120 grams
  • Volume: approximately 30 litres
  • Color: red
  • Suitable for: IBEX (all sizes), SUSI Q (all sizes), MENTOR 3 light XXS & XS, ION 3 light XXS & XS

Basic data: Size M/L
  • Weight: approximately 140 grams
  • Volume: approximately 60 litres
  • Color: black
  • Suitable for all NOVA wings (excl. Tandem)

Technical information:
  • 100% water-proof, protects the wing form sweat and dirt
  • Please note: don't store the wing in the Compression Bag permanently

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