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NOVA Fast Packing Bag CITO (Stuff Bag)


  • $240.00 AUD

The NOVA Fast Packing Bag CITO combines the advantages of a standard paraglider backpack with fast packing bag (stuff bag). It is wonderfully easy to pack. The bag shapes into a rucksack and is as comfortable to carry as a standard backpack. The CITO can accommodate a solo or tandem wing with harness, helmet, etc. It features many practical details, high-quality manufacturing and very durable materials and components. The NOVA Fast Packing Bag CITO is great to pack, it offers a great durability and is comfortable to carry.

Since Fast Packing Bags are often used by frequent flyers or tandem pilots, NOVA took a particular care of durability: All Important seams are bar-tacked. The pack bag is made of tear - and abrasion resistant 330 denier Nylon or Nylon 6.6, and the bottom from a strong 600 denier Polyester weave. The unbreakable aluminium was used for the buckles on the compression straps.

  • Robust and durable
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Convenient handling


  • Fabrics:
    • 330 denier Nylon 6.6 R/S (4*4) PUX2
    • 330 denier Rip-Stop Nylon S (4*4) PUX2
    • Bottom and certain smaller parts 600 denier Polyester 74T
    • WR PU2
  • Weight: 1400 grams
  • Large enough for tandem wings
  • Unbreakable aluminium buckles for the compression straps
  • Integrated riser bag (can be clipped out)
  • Important seams bar tacked
  • Comfortable suspension system with breathable mesh-fabric and air-permeable cushioning foams
  • Comfortably padded hip belt
  • Load control straps on shoulder strap and hip belt
  • Chest strap
  • Meh-pocket for cell phone, camera, GPS or keys on hip belt
  • Clear pocket for the name tag 

Packing the CITO
Tighten the 2 compression straps sideways first as the pack will be more narrow and higher – thus getting the shape of a real rucksack)

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