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NOVA Ion 6 (EN B)


  • $4,900.00 AUD

Certification: EN/LTF B

Three-liner | 51 cells | aspect ratio 5.19 | weight 4.7kg - size S

ION 6 – Adventure awaits. The fundamentally redesigned ION 6 (EN/LTF B) is the next generation of the popular ION series. The result: high passive safety, particularly precise handling and maximum performance to achieve personal XC goals.

Room for ambition. No matter where and how far you fly, with the ION 6 nothing stands in the way of a personal best flight. But on this journey, the fun does not fall by the wayside, because simple launch behaviour, pleasant handling and an effective speed system are included as standard. Or put differently, with the ION 6, both pilots new to the EN B class and (XC) professionals are well-equipped for every adventure - be it at the local site, when chasing kilometres or on paragliding trips.

NOVA ION 6 Review - Aaron Lugg
Had a test fly on the new ION 6 today. My flying experience is 1600 hours and I have owned 40 or so wings. A mix wings of EN B and EN C wings. I have owned an Ion 4 and all the Mentor range except the Mentor 4. I currently fly a Mentor 6. My flight was only 1.5 hrs in smooth thermals from .5 -2m climbs. I was only able to share a couple of thermals with another Mentor 6. Both wings were equally loaded and I did not feel I missed out on climb at all against the Mentor 6. Trim speed was a little slower for the Ion than the Mentor. As I was flying by myself it was difficult to tell true performance but it seems to climb in weak lift very good. I was getting 12 km faster on speed-bar than trim. All the loading appears to be on the a and B riser as the C rises appear with less tension. Bar pressure seems slightly more than the ion 4 and seems soft to moderate but still very easy to push full bar pulley to pulley. The brake authority seems good for the class and the glider appears to turn very flat. The canopy feels Rock Solid much like the Ion 4. With no surging and will give no nasty surprises. It would be a great cross-country wing in strong conditions. Nova has done a great job with this wing for the category. I'm looking forward to flying the wing against other winds to compare with its performance. I feel it will match the best EN B Gliders in climb and will be similar in Glide.


Hubert Wegleiter: 190+ km FAI triangle with the ION 6 Light ( LTF/EN B )
On 16 April, NOVA Team Pilot Hubert Wegleiter flew an FAI triangle of more than 190 km in South Tyrol in just under eight hours with his ION 6 Light ( He achieved an average speed of almost 25 km/h! In the team blog, Hubert talks about the coldest flight of his life, snow accumulation inside the canopy and how good it is to always have a plan B. Read the full story at His feedback on the ION 6 Light: "The glider spoils me with its super-balanced flight behaviour in all situations. All in all, I really appreciate the good performance and the high passive safety and accept the small sacrifices in terms of speed. On the other hand, I see that on good XC-days I can achieve a good average speed with this low B glider - also compared to other flights that day in this area."


Technical Data

ION 6 – Adventure awaits The fundamentally redesigned ION 6 (EN/LTF B) is the next generation of the popular ION series. The result: high passive safety, particularly precise handling and maximum performance to achieve personal XC goals.


Form follows function. The line length and thus the distance between the pilot and the canopy is significantly reduced on the ION 6. This results in more direct handling in the air as well as advantages during take off. For example, it requires less room to lay out the canopy and the wing inflates quickly and reliably. Additionally, the curvature of the wing has been reduced, meaning the canopy is “flatter”. This increases the roll damping and ensures a stable flight. Due to the short lines, and despite the high roll damping, the ION 6 reacts precisely to brake inputs - and the pilot can feel what is happening above them without delay. Another consequence of the reduced curvature is the increased projected aspect ratio (3.84) compared to ION 5 (3.52). However, the flat aspect ratio has increased by only 0.6%.

Relaxed from A to B. Successful cross-country flying requires complete concentration. The ION 6 makes this easy to do with its high level of passive safety, leaving you time to enjoy the view on the way. In-flight, it quickly becomes clear that it can be turned particularly flat - i.e. you can’t “overcook it" when you want to fly a tight turn. This means you lose less height and can use even weak thermals effectively. But banking it higher, if you want a little more dynamics, is easily possible and this requires little brake travel and moderate brake pressure. In addition, ION 6 has mini-ribs with internal seams, which increase the performance of the glider and ensure a smooth trailing edge. The other features built into the wing are a Mini-Rib Vector Tape and 3D Shaping at the leading edge.

Simply keep track of things. ION 6 has specially designed adjustable risers. This system is also used, for example, on MENTOR 6 (EN/LTF B) and the SECTOR (EN/LTF C). What does this mean? The A3 line is shortened less during acceleration than the A1 and A2 lines. This increased the stability of the wing during accelerated flight. Apart from that, the risers are standard and are very user-friendly on launch and during ground handling. The coloured markings for right and left, which also continue on the brake handles and the carabiners of our harnesses, make it easy to check whether you have hooked incorrectly. By the way… line sorting is also easy because the ION 6 has sheathed main, brake and stabilo lines and follows the colour scheme recommended by the PMA: A = red, B = yellow, C = blue, brake = orange, stabilo line = green.

Pilot target group. For six generations, the ION has enabled both talented beginners (in countries where training with EN B gliders is permitted) and recreational pilots with cross-country ambitions to further refine their skills. It offers high passive safety, direct handling and performance in one - which gives it great potential to assist pilots in their development. If you want to increase both XC duration and distance, you will find that there must be a match between your own ability to concentrate and the attention that the glider itself demands. This is where the ION 6 really shines and enables relaxed flights. The target group of pilots for whom this glider is suitable is correspondingly broad.

Quality & Guarantee
We not only test the cloth for durability (high porosity or reduced tear resistance through UV damage or wear) but also for mechanical robustness, for example stretching. For quality control purposes we regularly take samples during serial production. Good to know: regardless of whether the particular light or regular cloth was used, we give an extensive warranty on every new NOVA paraglider. More information at NOVA Protect section.

Quote from Fabian (NOVA Test Pilot)
“We worked on various prototypes during the thermal season, trying out many different brake geometries and trims. This resulted in a few hundred flights that were really worth it. The handling is very direct - the ION 6 is as easy as it is precise to control.”

Short and compact
3D-Shaping. In addition to the standard 3D-Shaping, there is a Zig-zag 3D-Shaping seam on each cell. The advantage is that this seam doesn’t run in the direction of the spanwise force. This means the seam runs more cleanly and is more aerodynamically advantageous. This innovation reduces the creases in the leading edge.

Mini-ribs. Mini-ribs increase the number of cells in the rear wing area and thus provide an aerodynamically optimised trailing edge. The necessary seams are on the inside. The mini-ribs also help to keep the brake pressure moderate.

Mini-Rib Vector Tape. In ION 6, an additional vector tape runs through slots in the mini-ribs. This tape reduces the crease that is created when braking. This markedly increases climb performance and handling. Additionally, there is a brake gathering system on the trailing edge. These features mean the ION 6 has a beautiful, smooth trailing edge, even when the brakes are applied.

Optimised risers. The risers of the ION 6 consist of 12 mm wide risers and have a built-in wing twist adjustment, which shortens the A3 line less than A1 and A2 during acceleration. This increases the stability of the wing during accelerated flight. During launch and ground handling a magnet below the maillons holds the two A-risers together, allowing a better overview. In addition, small straps fitted into metal eyelets prevent the risers from twisting during acceleration.

New design. The central design element is the sweep, which visually emphasises the aspect ratio of the wing, complemented by a differently coloured banderole on the outer wing. The product and brand name can be seen on the banderoles. What is special about the banderole is that its placement and composition across several cells varies slightly from model to model.


  • Comfort on the ground. All NOVA paragliders are made to be easy to use. For packing, you can use a concertina bag, but it is not essential. Our extensive experience with rods has taught us that the packing method has little influence on the durability of the wing. Bent rods quickly spring back into their original shape.
  • Under Pressure. NOVA Air Scoop with an optimised air intake, that increases the internal wing pressure.
  • Shaped in Top Form. In 3D-shaping, a seam on the upper surface extends over the entire span and reduces the number of folds caused by the curvature over two axes. Two axes, because the sail cloth has to align to the profile form and the ballooning also determines a radius which the cloth also has to follow.
  • Mini-Rib Vector Tape. A vector tape near the trailing edge has various advantages. Firstly, this tape reduces the crease in the upper surface that is created when braking. Secondly, the wing is more compact, i.e. the wing deforms less during glides in moving air. To maximise both these advantages, it was necessary to locate this vector tape very far back in the area of the mini-ribs.


  • Leading edge: Skytex 38, 38g/m2
  • Top surface: Skytex 38, 38g/m2
  • Lower surface: Skytex40 EazyFly, 40g/m2
  • Profile ribs (suspended): Porcher Skytex 40 Hard, 40g/m2
  • Profile ribs (unsuspended): Porcher Skytex 40 Hard, 40g/m2
  • Main lines: Liros PPSL 191 / TSL 140
  • Gallery lines: Edelrid U-8000 series
  • Brake lines: PPSLS 65
  • Risers: Kevlar 12mm

Scope of Delivery



4 Years Manufacturer's Warranty
This Full 4-year Warranty covers material as well as workmanship. If your NOVA Trim Tuning and a NOVA Full Service were completed by an authorised NOVA partner, 4 Years On Materials comes into effect and this extends the guarantee to four years*. If we are unable to repair the problem, we will deduct the current value when purchasing a new NOVA paraglider.

More details on the manufacturer's website: NOVA

You have to have the training and a licence to fly a paraglider. Check with your instructor if you are buying your first glider.

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