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NOVA Speedbrake Riser

NOVA Speedbrake Riser


  • $120.00 AUD

An end to creases: the innovative NOVA Speedbrake Riser

The NOVA Speedbrake Riser is the first three-liner riser which permits the glider to be accelerated as well as decelerated. It brings an end to pulling the C-lines, which killed performance. Pulling the C-lines on a three-liner results in a deep crease, which markedly affects performance.

The NOVA Speedbrake Riser is the first 3-line riser ever made, that can decelerate without killing performance. The result is a perfect, crease-free deceleration. The Speedbrake Riser provides new possibilities for performance-orientated XC-pilots!

We’ve developed the NOVA Speedbrake Riser in conjunction with our team pilot Robert Schaller, an applied science student and enthusiastic cross-country pilot. The B and C risers are connected using a flexible strap. If the C-risers are pulled back, the B-risers are also reduced in length.

If you'd like to see, how it works watch the  NOVA Speedbrake Riser trailer.

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