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PHI Maestro (EN B+)


  • $5,200.00 AUD

The PHI MAESTRO was the long-awaited comeback of Hannes Papesh in the High B class. This wing exceeds very high expectations.

Designer's Note

The High B class is very important to me. It is my special discipline: over a long period of time, in collaboration with my test pilots, I have succeeded in developing outstanding wings in this class.

Hannes Papesh



PHI is a new brand founded by Mr. Hannes Papesh. The team behind PHI is one of the most experienced pilots like Mike Kung for instance, who’s in charge of testing and fine-tuning the gliders. Hannes Papesh is a legend when it comes to designing gliders. His favourite class is the B class. Ziad Bassil Dust of the universe (Full Review)

I’m a circa 200hr pilot with a 55/45 coastal/inland flying mix. My inland flights have been almost exclusively on a Gradient Golden 4 and the last 45 coastal hours have been on a Gradient Freestyle 3. My Golden has been a great wing first wing that I’ve enjoyed on coastal sites and had some great XCs on. It’s still going strong but I’ve been itching to try a higher spec wing. This weekend I had the opportunity to fly a Phi Maestro. Hammed Malik (Full Review)

Flybubble team members Carlo, Nancy, Boris and Simon have all independently chosen the Maestro as their personal XC wing. These pilots can pick any glider they want yet they have picked the PHI Maestro as their personal glider. (Flybubble Paragliding)



 PHI Maestro Technical Data Paragliding Fly2Base




PHI MAestro Colours



Scope of Delivery

  • Glider
  • PHI Harmonica 43 Concertina Compress Bag
  • Repair Kit


    PHI PROMISE GUARANTEE - 12 months of Accidental Damage Protection
    Your glider and our Promise. We do everything to ensure that you are fully enjoying your new PHI paraglider. In the annoying case of unintentional damage, your wing is comprehensively protected with PHI promise within the first year of usage. We will replace lines as required, change panels as necessary or glue small holes. We are restoring airworthiness. In case of irreparable damage, the current value of your wing will be deducted to a new PHI wing, according to the prior agreement. Because quality and customer care are our main priorities. We mean it honestly with our promise. That’s why you won’t find any small print here.

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