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PHI Maestro 2 Light (EN B+ Light)


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PHI Maestro Lite 2 the Ultralight Racing Machine!

The new Maestro 2 Light demonstrates the possibilities of modern paraglider design in combination with new ultralight materials. The Maestro 2 Light uses light construction, double-coated Skytex 27 Classic II, short wire-like plastic rods, and simple risers offering B and C control.


Riser Options

  • R07 Risers  ( Default Option)
  • Superlight with softlinks


PHI Maestro 2 is the masterpiece in the EN B class with 76 cells made from the best fabric available, so their quality and longevity are second to none. When you look at the cell count of other gliders for example other high B wings have 60-66 cells, EN C wings 64-68 cells, EN C two liners Photon 68-74 cells, and high EN D wings are made with 74-80 cells. The speed, glide and climb of Maestro 2  will match or outperform any current EN C 3 or 2.5 -liner glider. The guys that are on them love the stability and how it handles the turbulent air. 

Designer's Note

Because of the great feedback on the GOLD colour (with was originally only planned for those 2 protos), we introduce that colour in the serial colour table. The weights are with the super light riser. The normal riser (R07) is around 200g heavier. Because of our very advanced lightweight technique and the very reduced usage of rods, the wing is extremely light: even having 76 cells! We plan to start certification test flights next week. The light has identical rigging as the normal version: so no further risk for flight test certification: we are very confident to pass. The criteria were rather the load test, which we passed easily on Tuesday. Production is already running. The small ones are only available in the light version: to be fair, they have the price of the normal version. There will again be an 18!


After flying the final MAESTRO 2 23 with 96kg (quite light with my light harness) in windy and turbulent conditions today during our pre-serial check. I found the wing very confidence-inspiring. The demand seems to be only a small step over the BEAT light. The canopy is very well defined and forms stable. Handling is great. I think this wing is for sure rising easiness, performance related to a new higher level! Please try it yourself! Hannes Papesh (PHI Designer)

The performance step in EN B class has never been this impressive. Even more importantly, the wing is very easy to fly. It is safe, well-compensating turbulences and gives perfect, homogeneous feedback. Hannes Papesh (PHI Designer)

Don't spend your time by comparing the PHI MAESTRO 2 against EN B and EN C wings! Ask the EN D 2-liner guys for a race! Try it yourself! Hannes Papesh (PHI Designer)

I got a couple of flights on the Maestro 2 in Bright. On one flight I glided next to my friends's current(EN C glider virtually from wing tip to wing tip. I was higher and faster. I'm sure I will have many fun flights on this wing. The handling is smooth. It turns really well. (Matt)

I had 2 flights – on an extended 1.5hr to base and out. It is a bit less nimble, and less chatty than the Maestro 1 or the xxxxx6 (EN C) but has a better climb, better glide and is more stable in bouncy air. It is going to be excellent fun. (Roger)

Hi Martin, I picked up the wing yesterday and took it up the hill for a short test flight. 6 hours and 101kms later I can confirm it definitely works! My first ever century, and likely the slowest!! Thanks so much for your efforts in getting it out here, it was superb! The wing flew brilliantly this week, it behaved beautifully, was talkative but solid, even in some really lumpy air, and launched very nicely in strong cycles up on launch couldn't have asked for more! James Gibson

The Maestro 2 is a great glider. Easy to fly, I feel safe in turbulent air, excellent glide ratio for an EN-B+. The leading edge is solid and flies fast on the full bar but also slowly enough when needed. Thomas Roger




PHI Maestro 2 Light Technical Data


PHI Maestro 2 Light Colours

PHI Maestro 2 Light Paraglider Colours

Scope of Delivery

  • Glider
  • PHI Harmonica 43 Concertina Compress Bag
  • Repair Kit


    PHI PROMISE GUARANTEE - 12 months of Accidental Damage Protection

    Your glider and our Promise. We do everything to ensure that you are fully enjoying your new PHI paraglider. In the annoying case of unintentional damage, your wing is comprehensively protected with PHI promise within the first year of usage. We will replace lines as required, change panels as necessary or glue small holes. We are restoring airworthiness. In case of irreparable damage, the current value of your wing will be deducted to a new PHI wing, according to the prior agreement. Because quality and customer care are our main priorities. We mean it honestly with our promise. That’s why you won’t find any small print here.


    You have to have the training and a licence to fly a paraglider. Check with your instructor if you are buying your first glider.

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