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PHI Maestro X-alps (EN B - Light)


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PHI Maestro X-alps Classification

PHI Maestro X-alps the Ultralight Racing Machine!

The Maestro X-alps is impressively demonstrating the possibilities of modern wing design in combination with new ultralight materials. The Maestro X-alps uses the light construction, double-coated Skytex 27 Classic II, short rods, simple risers offering B and C control but no handle to catch lines.


Riser Options

  • R04 (3+1) Semilight with maillons - Default Option
  • R03 (3+1) Superlight with softlinks


Phi Maestro X-Alps the perfect wing for hike and fly competitions or a private X-alps.


PHI Maestro X-Alps unwrapping video.

Customer Feedback
The glider is fantastic, thank you so much! Really just getting back into it so I was very happy to have about 15 hours airtime this week. Some VERY rough conditions and the glider was wonderful! Thank you! Benn

Designer's Note
If you want to use as less cloth as possible, you have to use it very efficient! We were reducing the internal construction of the MAESTRO X-alps extremely without influencing the flying performance or flying behaviour. So the ultralight X-alps version matches its heavier brother in all flying parameters. It has just a lot less weight. This is the wing for all sort of hike and fly competitions or your personal X-alps adventure! Hannes Papesh


Technical Data
PHI Maestro X-alps Technical Data

Weight Ranges

PHI Maestro X-alps Weight Ranger

Serial Colours

PHI Maestro X-alps Serial Colours 

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