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PHI Rucksack Light ExAct (40,60,85,110,130,185)


  • $200.00 AUD

PHI Rucksack Light ExAct is designed to fit your glider and standard harness or any hike and fly harness including the rest of your paragliding gear. Lightweight by design not by using lightweight fabric, using sturdy materials, padded straps with ergonomic carry system comfortable to walk long distances with multiple storage options. PHI Rucksack Light ExAct has comfortable shoulder padding and improved back support for long walks.

Available Sizes
  • 40 litres - 685 g (Lightweight Miniwing, Harness, Helmet)
  • 60 litres - 760 g M (Miniwing, Harness, Helmet)
  • 85 litres - 890 g (Small glider, Harness, Helmet or hike and fly kit)
  • 110 litres - 1,035 g (Standard glider, Harness, Helmet)
  • 130 litres - 1140 g (Large glider, Harness, Helmet)
  • 185 litres - 1275 g (Large glider with comp harness, Tandem kit)

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