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PHI Scala X-alps (EN D - Light)


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PHI Scala X-alps (EN D - Light)

The SCALA X-alps is in production. The first beauties are delivered: feedback is great.
Please try it yourself! Size 19 is still in certification. We are expecting finalisation and production to start in the next few days.



I fly Scala X-Alps size 18 in 'Kinga' colour at 78-85kg TOW
with Supair soft links on Ozium (size M & pod S) or Supair Strike Pro (made to measure).
Risers. There has been the XAlps trend to shave every gram on risers and make them look like spaghetti but IMO for a wing that is used in the hike and fly racing or vol-bivouac adventures, it's a miss. They're difficult to check with one glance and too often on a tricky take off you end up launching with something twisted. I've done it myself and seen many others doing it. That's why Scala has proper risers with straight on clip buttons and very comfortable large B control bars.
Soft links are nicely covered so they won't hook on anything. Just perfect risers for this type of wing. Lines. Similarly, not the ultralight and thinnest, just reliable, super easy to manage on take-off and obvious to find a stabilo or whatever you need in an emergency. Canopy. Compact and easily manageable, short flexible rods make packing super easy and the whole glider very compact.
Take off.
This thing is so easy to launch! I've flown trickier B wings It stays on the ground if you want it to, even in strong winds, and rises at the slightest touch when you say so. In weak/no wind it doesn't hold the wall as easily as some more rigid canopies but it's still easily manageable. It rises like a dream, literally, self centering and with very intuitive brakes input timing. It's incredibly straightforward, with no adjustment period, no weird shooting, snaky behaviour or uneven acceleration throughout the power zone, just super smooth and even rise. Simply perfect for tricky takeoffs.
The handling is very straightforward. The canopy transfers air movement precisely to the brakes. When in dynamic air, it's a talkative canopy with quite a soft feeling which I personally love, it's easy to recognize what is happening in the air and catch potential pressure loss before it becomes a problem. It turns flat but at the same time it's very agile, it immediately reacts to weight-shift and you can wing over it easily. I've never flown a wing that would combine these two elements so nicely (how did you do it, Hannes?) On speed bar, ahh, this is where Scala shows what she's made of, a true X-Alps machine. Nice to finally outside even bigger wings What's more, all speed range is very usable, the feeling on the bar is very clear, with precise control with B-s.
Obvious (again) stalling point and relatively low minimal speed make for the wing which can be easily put anywhere. The flexibility of this canopy is amazing, with heaps of speed but then I can flap the hell out of her and she gracefully responds and goes down vertically.
So yeah, a sweet high-end lightweight mountain all arounder with straightforward handling and a beautiful balance between performance and agility in the user-friendly package.
I absolutely love Scala, it's, without doubt, the best wing I've ever flown.
Of course, it's just my personal opinion, but if you're thinking about a wing in this category, definitely give it a try.
Kinga Masztalerz - Girl Gone Wild




Scope of Delivery

  • Glider
  • PHI Harmonica 43 Concertina Compress Bag
  • Repair Kit


PHI PROMISE GUARANTEE - 12 months Accidental Damage Protection
Your glider and our Promise. We do everything to ensure that you are fully enjoying your new PHI paraglider. In the annoying case of unintentional damage, your wing is comprehensively protected with PHI promise within the first year of usage. We will replace lines as required, change panels as necessary or glue small holes. We are restoring airworthiness. In case of irreparable damage, the current value of your wing will be deducted to a new PHI wing, according to prior agreement. Because quality and customer care are our main priorities. We mean it honestly with our promise. That’s why you won’t find any small print here.

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