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PHI Sola (EN A - Light)


  • $4,400.00 AUD

PHI Sola is the best first paraglider and an absolute must in the high mountains!

Dear friends!

Lightweight wings are trendy for a good reason. They are light to carry, small to pack, easy to launch, and delightful to fly.

Introducing a new glider that many have been waiting for. The PHI SOLA lightweight EN A wing with maximum safety, damping and simplicity paired with minimum weight. Great first glider for those that would like to combine flying with hike and flying or vol biv.

The SOLA sits between the FANTASIA and SONATA and was developed as a completely new design.

SOLA has been designed with a modern profile shape, reengineered cell width distribution, new balanced intakes, and optimised diagonal ribs.

We have put o lot of effort to make the takeoff behaviour easy and intuitive. Never before launching your paraglider was this easy!

Our next goal was to make the SOLA fun glider to fly, with a very respectable performance in its class. It's a fast glider with a good glide ratio an absolute must in the high mountains!


Technical Data

We are producing the SOLA in 2 colours Blue-Range and Orange-Blue. Sola is made from the best available paragliding fabric the Porcher Skytex 27 double-coated.

Like the bigger sister VIOLA, the SOLA has extended weight ranges.
Compared to the VIOLA, the SOLA is an all-around easier paraglider to fly with a higher level of roll damping.

All SOLA lines are sheathed, the rods in the leading edge are stronger and the profiles cut are made from the robust Skytex 40.

As you already know you can rely on PHIs exceptionally high safety level which is a trademark of their wings! PHI test pilots are very experienced and meticulous and critical during the development stage of our gliders!

Thanks to Mike Küng, Benni Hörburger and Pascal Purin for their excellent work!

Scope of Delivery

  • Glider
  • PHI Harmonica 43 Concertina Compress Bag
  • Repair Kit


You have to have the training and a licence to fly a paraglider. Check with your instructor if you are buying your first glider.

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