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PHI Tenor 2 Light (EN B Low)


  • $5,900.00 AUD

PHI Tenor Light 2 low B light progression XC machine


With extremely safe collapse behaviour, nice direct handling and high top speed for a low B-class glider.

PHI Tenor Light 2 has fewer similarities to its sister Symphonia 2 as was the case with Symphonia 1 and Tenor 1.

In contrast to Symphonia 2, the Tenor 2 has fewer upper cascade lines: the 3 forks are replaced by 2 forks.

So with fewer lines and more diagonals, the new profile produced a more homogenous canopy. The surface got a little bigger but the weight of Tenor 2 Light is even lower than Tenor Light 1!


Serial Colours

PHI Tenor 2 Light Paraglider Serial Colours


Technical Data

 PHI Tenor 2 Light Technical Data


Scope of Delivery

  • Glider
  • PHI Harmonica 43 Concertina Compress Bag
  • Repair Kit


You have to have the training and a licence to fly a paraglider. Check with your instructor if you are buying your first glider.

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