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PHI Viola


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PHI Viola the Universal Paragliding Wing

The VIOLA is an extremely versatile lightweight paraglider: 8 sizes covering a weight range from 50 to 145kg, from the certified miniwing up to an easy hike and fly wing for heavy pilots. The VIOLA 18 can be used as a family glider with a legal weight range from 50 up to 110kg. By using modern technology and new materials the weight per square meter was reduced even more. The risers are made from stable and robust TECHNORA. Choose softlinks or light metal maillon rapides. With the softlinks, the small sizes of the VIOLA (incl. 20) have no pure metal parts at all! (The bigger sizes have a brake reef system with small metal rings.)

PHI Viola Mike

Designer's Note
The weight reduction of the VIOLA over the SONATA is offering even better recovering after deflations and even less dynamic reactions in extreme manoeuvres. So it was possible to raise the max take-off weight by 15kg. This has to be seen as an extended weight range, for pilots who want to fly a high loaded, small, light and very agile wing, offering extreme fun. The very small VIOLAs are targetting to experienced alpine pilots looking for a very light, fast and good performing wing, that does not overreact and is behaving very trustworthy in every situation. Over the full range of VIOLAs, the demand is rising with the wing loading. A VIOLA 18 is a very easy and safe school wing loaded with 50kg, but as well a high-level sports equipment for experienced pilots at 110kg.
Hannes Papesh

The secret to developing extraordinary wings is the passion to fly.
We’re ourselves enthusiastic pilots, loving hike and fly adventures.
I have to admit: I built the VIOLA 18 for myself.
-and the VIOLA 12 for Mike…

Technical Data

PHI Viola Technical Data


Weight Ranges

PHI Viola Weight Ranges

Scope of Delivery
Glider, compression belt, inner bag, backpack. The PHI rucksack is designed to be reduced and light, but still robust and convenient to carry. It can be packed very small, to minimize storage space in the harness.

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