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SkyBean SkyDrop GPS Vario with Bluetooth


  • $284.00

SkyDrop - the lightest combined GPS vario in the world!

Included accessories:

Thanks to ultralight and compact design stuffed with many software functions, SkyDrop is suitable for paragliding and hang-gliding pilots from beginners to XC experts. With its 68g (2.4 oz) weight, hike&fly athletes will love it. Multiple screens with widgets can be personalized to achieve maximum performance while flying. SkyDrop connected via Bluetooth interface compatible with Android-based XC apps works as ultimate flight computer. SkyDrop Vario can be easily mounted to the riser or cockpit for maximal comfort during the flight.

This is the second generation of SkyDrop vario. In this open-source project, we have carefully listened to your suggestions, not only during software development, so we also made hardware and mechanical design improvements. The display is now better and bigger, touch feedback is improved by bulged buttons. Thanks to the additional PCB coating, the device is now more weather-resistant. We created a unique accessory - riser mount - for the best possible SkyDrop use during flight, which is included.


  • Acoustic signalization
  • Analogue/Digital/Average vario
  • 5 altimeters (relative, absolute or standardized altitude)
  • Weak lift detection (pre-thermal buzzer)
  • Autostart feature with audio suppress
  • Flytime/realtime
  • Ground speed
  • Heading ( both graphical arrow and numeric visual display)
  • Multiple screens with selectable layouts and configurable widgets
  • Bluetooth connection with compatibility to any XC app using the open protocol (DigiFly, LK8EX1, BlueFly)
  • Track logging (KML, FAI-civil valid IGC)
  • Hardware UART output (for E-readers mods)
Future features (we are working on):
  • Waypoint navigation
  • Acceleration measurement
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Every future feature will be free for SkyDrop owners
Built-in hardware:
  • Transflective LCD graphical display
  • Precise pressure sensor
  • GPS receiver
  • Bluetooth
  • SD card storage for tracklogs
  • Digital compass
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope, thermometer, and humidity sensor


  • Dimensions: 62x98x22 mm (super compact) 
  • Weight: 68g (extra light - ideal for Hike&Fly) 
  • Battery type: Li-ion single cell (USB rechargeable)

Battery life:

  • only audio mode 13h
  • audio + altitude logger, without GPS 12h
  • audio + Bluetooth 10ha
  • audio + GPS logger 9h
  • audio + GPS logger + Bluetooth 7.5h


How To Update SkyDrop Firmware


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For further support visit the SkyBean support page: SkyBean Support.

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