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MK Freestyle (Mike Kung)

Mike Kung

  • $1,450.00 AUD

Freestyle harness developed by professional test pilot and ground handling ace Mike Kung.  A light and sturdy all-round harness, designed for freestyle, acro or thermalling.


MK Freestyle harness is a robust, simple and functional open harness used by groundhandling master and test pilot Mike Kung. Mike developed the harness for ground handling, thermaling, freestyle and glider testing and development. 


MK Freestyle harness has been designed based on many years of experience in these areas. The harness is designed to allow the pilot the most amount of freedom of movement on the ground.


A rigid and anatomically designed back section of the harness provides firm back support during high G manoeuvres.


Top quality build with top safety. Mike Kunk Freestyle harness comes with Edelrid Alias carabiners. 

Uncompromising attention was paid to allow exceptional weight-shift precision in this minimalistic and practical package.


MK Freestyle is a very light (4.3 kg in size M) all-around harness, that meets the needs of ambitious thermal pilots as well as the needs of freestyle pilots starting their acro flying journey.


Special Features

  • Special leg loops on the strips ensure maximum legroom with direct contact with the seat.
  • Without a cross strap system plus shoulder strap loops and a minimalist carrier strap system ensure optimal body control.
  • Made from RipStopCordura fabric and neoprene back panel
  • EN/LTF certified back protector
  • Sophisticated rescue equipment container with shoulder strap attachment
  • Small packed size


Technical Specifications

MK Freestyle S M L
Body Height 155-65 cm 160-180 cm 175-195 cm
Max Load 120 daN 120 daN 120 daN
Harness Weight 4.1 kg 4.3 kg 4.5 kg
Suspension Height 42 cm 44 cm 46 cm
Seat Board Size (W x L) 34 cm x 36 cm 35 cm x 38 cm 35 cm x 38 cm
Certification EN/LTF EN/LTF EN/LTF

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