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Nova Itus (Reversible)


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NOVA ITUS – Optimised to the core
  • 3.7 kg (size M)
  • Honeycomb seat board
  • SAS-TEC protector + pre-filled airbag with a 3-chamber system
  • Certification (EN/LTF)

We've had very good feedback on the NOVA Ventus in terms of the harness stability. We like the new Itus even more. ITUS is easy to get in and out, and good cross-bracing stability and seaboard give this harness a good weight shift authority and relaxed feel in the air. Nova's smart design, high-quality build and material make these lightweight reversible harnesses last for years. (NOVA TEAM)


Video Tutorial

Harness and Backpack Adjustment

Customization of the NOVA ITUS harness and backpack

Packing the ITUS harness and backpack

Installing Reserve

The NOVA ITUS paragliding harness is a completely versatile and lightweight reversible harness with a seat board, airbag and SAS-TEC protector. If required, the rucksack can be completely detached. Always onboard: an extra portion of safety.

  • Seatboard sizes (width x length in cm) L: 37 x 38,5 ; M: 35 x 36 ; S: 33 x 34
  • Height to carabiners in cm L: 42; M: 41; S: 39,5

Multi-talented to the max. As a versatile reversible harness, the ITUS can be used in any situation - hike & fly, local soaring, cross-country and travelling the world. To help you achieve your daily goals, it has some clever features. For example, using a zip, the rucksack can be completely detached from the harness. The result is a lightweight harness with a seat plate that is comfortable in the air as well as super light and compact on the ground. Please note: more varieties of ITUS-compatible rucksacks will soon be available for retrofitting. This means the packing volume is flexible depending on the equipment or intended use. Simply zip on the required size… and you are ready to go! Therefore you never carry more weight than is necessary and you have exactly the storage space you need.

Feedback from our ITUS customers:

  • Really loving it. So lightweight and easy to walk around with (in harness mode). Comfy in flight and I'm finding it much easier / more efficient to weight shift, and transition from left to right (I think I was just sliding around a bit in my old harness)
  • Looking forward to doing some hike and flies with it. There's so much space in the rucksack
  • The rucksack is very comfy and stays tight against my back - no swinging around or side to side (another problem I've had with other backpacks, particularly tall ones!)
  • You know how it is, conditions aren't too flash but you got a new bit of kit hahaha well she flicked east for about half a minute this arvo and that was all I needed to run up the hill with the new ITUS and pi3? I get there and shes south. I know shes south. I'll just stay in the blow do some ground handling. But then the little voices the same ones that use to tell me to try a kickflip down the stairs start pipeing up? So anyways mate she was rough but the agility and friskiness of the pi with the dampening on the ITUS what normally would have me white-knuckling and trying to land had me grinning from ear to ear. Love the new harness matey I would have been bricking it in the WV peak 2. I think I can go back to listening to the propeller heads while flying and give the bob Marley a break, might fall asleep otherwise. Can't believe that is what flying was meant to feel like.


Fits both small and large. The ITUS is available in sizes S, M and L. Soon further rucksacks for different packing volumes will be available for all sizes.

SAS-TEC & airbag protector. The SAS-TEC protector made from viscoelastic soft foam was first used in motorcycling and skiing. It is very light and guarantees excellent support and pressure distribution in the back area. When reversing the ITUS, this doubles as the comfortable back support of the rucksack. Within 30 seconds of unpacking it, the airbag is already inflated.

Click-safe closing system. Our Click-safe system with colour-coded buckles means with one glance you can be certain that you have hooked incorrectly. The main hang points and buckles are green on the right side and red on the left side.

Optimised parachute container. The rescue compartment was designed using 3D design software and tested in practice for all deployment directions. The harness and the inner container of the rescue are optimised for easy deployment - the rescue being wedged in the compartment has been prevented.

Robust material. A particularly tear-resistant ripstop fabric is used on the airbag, supplemented by Nitinol wire and a polycarbonate panel (both memory materials) which always return to their original shape. The built-in zips, straps, carabiners and the honeycomb seat board have also already proven themselves in practice. When selecting all materials, attention was paid not only to safety and durability but also to low weight.

Technical Data

Nova Itus paragliding reversible harness - Fly2Base Paragliding Shop

  • Outer and inner shell: Nylon Ripstop
  • Main and shoulder straps: Dyneema
  • Leg loops: Dyneema
  • Chest strap: Dyneema
  • Carabiner: NOVA Special EDELRID Foras Karabiner
  • Buckles: Getup System mit farbigen Clicksafe AustriAlpin Cobra Schnallen
  • Protection: Pre-inflated Airbag, SAS-TEC Protektor


Scope of Delivery

  • ITUS rescue container + handle
  • SAS-TEC protector
  • Foras carabiner (2 pcs)
  • Manual
  • ITUS cover
  • Speed System
  • Reserve Bridle

Nova Itus Paragliding Harness Scope of Delivery


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q: Does the Itus have similar roll stability as the Nova Ventus?
A: The roll stability of both ITUS and VENTUS harnesses depends on the adjustment of the chest strap webbing rather than the harness itself. With different chest belt settings, you can set either the VENTUS or ITUS for more stable or more agile roll stability based on your personal preferences.

Q: Is the NOVA ITUS a reversible version of the NOVA VENTUS, I realise it’s foam vs airbag and I was wondering if the geometry is similar.
A: NOVA ITUS is a totally new harness design regarding all design aspects such as harness body, protector, rescue compartment, outer shape, backpack, etc. The geometry of the harness body webbing is totally new and different. The only common thing about them is the NOVA Skyblue colour.

More details on the manufacturer's website: NOVA

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