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Dudek PowerSeat Light (Paramotor)


  • $970.00 AUD

Dudek PowerSeat Light Paramotoring Harness.


Dudek PowerSeat Light light is a durable and comfortable harness for low-hang point paramotors with movable bars.

When designing this harness, we took into account the suggestions of our test pilots, as well as those of paramotor manufacturers and regular users. The goal of this project was to create a very light PPG harness. We succeeded in achieving a weight of 2,33 kg in S size, which was possible due to the extensive use of light and strong materials, like carbon fibre or Dyneema.

The harness has two pockets: one on the side and one
under the seat plate. The rescue parachute is placed in the side container. The container and the side pocket are interchangeable.

PowerSeat Light is manufactured in three sizes: S, M and L. The adjustment range of the harness will fit all pilots. The harness strap system allows for effective control and full use of the paraglider’s capabilities.

The harness is equipped as standard with ball-bearing Dudek Smart Pulleys. Optionally, Ronstan 20 and Ronstan 30 pulleys can be used instead.

Harness certification: EN1651 and LTF 09.

One colour scheme is available.

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x Powerseat Light harness, with a pocket under the seat
  • 1 x carbon fibre seat plate as well as its extension
  • 4 x Smart Pulley
  • 1 x Rescue chute side container
  • 1 x Release handle
  • 1 x Side pocket
  • Additional Equipment:
  • 2 x Main Carabiners connecting the harness to the paraglider
  • 1 x V-strap
  • 2 x Maillon Rapide C6 quick link, connecting the V-riser to the
  • harness
  • 1 x Speed Bar with hooks
  • Optional equipment:
  • 2 x Ronstan 30 pulleys with Dyneema loops fixing them to the
  • harness
  • 2 x Ronstan 20 pulleys with Dyneema loops fixing them to the
  • harness


Dudek PowerSeat Light Paramotoring Harness Specifications


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