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FlySkin Active First Layer


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During demanding activities, the contact layer effectively draws away sweat to upper layers of clothing. It has extreme absorption capacity in the areas of armpits and on the back, where the body sweats the most. Excellent insulating properties of material maintain stable body temperature even if you do not move too much. While flying, the pilots usually have a problem with benumbed hands that hold the control loops.

Fly2Base Paragliding FlySkin active first layer. While paragliding, the pilots usually have a problem with benumbed hands that hold the control loops.

Nick Neynens X-Alps 2019

Our patent longer wrist warms up the palms with merino and thanks to the generous space for thumbs you will not deal with worsened use of gloves. We thought of user comfort when developing the original tailored design of the sleeve to enable the unrestrained movement of arms in all directions. The neck is protected by an increased turtleneck. It prevents you from getting cold and losing body warmth.


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The Flyskin system consists of the ACTIVE and REGULAR layers. The ACTIVE layer lies adjacent to the skin, warms it up and draw sweat away. The second REGULAR layer forms the outer barrier and uses a breathable material that protects against climatic conditions. Both parts ideally complement each other and in combination with the well-considered design and other elements, they form a comprehensive, functional and original system for the paragliding pilots and outdoor enthusiasts.

Our pilots have been continuously testing the FlySkin products in real conditions around the world. FlySkin passed the demanding tests of Hike & Fly and contributed to breaking the Himalayan record of the free-distance flight in Nepal. FlySkin enables better athletic performance and higher resistance of the pilot in demanding weather conditions than any other products on the current market.

Our patent longer sleeve with a hole for the thumb covers the whole palm and back of the hand. In the inner core, four-layer merino keeps warmth within the gloves at low temperatures. On the contrary, in summer it efficiently draws sweat away and it can be pulled to the wrist. Material: 100% Merino.

FlySkin Sleeve

The increased turtleneck hem elastically embraces your neck and protects it during the flight against getting cold due to exposure to flying air. Material: Polypropylene.

FlySkin Turtleneck

The sleeve with an adapted design for flying with raised arms. The transition part in the armpits enables an unrestrained range of movement. The structure enables extraordinary absorption of moisture and, at the same time, it can adapt perfectly to the movements of the pilot. Material: Polypropylene.

FlySkin Armpit

The area around the spine is known to be vulnerable to extra sweating. Moisture is removed from this area with a proven fabric DryUp with a patented structure. It keeps the skin dry and draws moisture away to the upper layers of the clothing where it can evaporate. The extended length of the body part reliably covers the waist, prevents from roll-up of the pants during the preparation for the flight as well as during the flight. Material: Polypropylene.

FlySkin Back

During the production, we adopt the sequence of individual seams to the overall ergonomics. Seams are flat to be resistant and strong. That is also why you will not feel them on your body. Their colours respect decent appearance of our products.

FlySkin Seems


  • Polypropylene DryUp / skin. Sector location: armpits, back. (black material of the first Active layer) Name of knitwear: Polypropylene DryUp. Patented knitwear DryUp with extreme ability to draw moisture away was originally developed for baby nappies. The polypropylene fibre has a lower specific density than water. Therefore, it can perfectly draw away sweat from the skin.FlySkin Polypropylene Skin
  • Patent with elastane / Merino / skin. Sector location: palm (the hole for the thumb of the first Active layer). Name of knitwear: merino. Especially fine 100 % merino sheep wool has naturally hollow, protein fibre. It excellently absorbs moisture, it can hold up to one-third of its weight while keeping your body warm. Merino is hydrophobic; it keeps you warm even when it is wet. Knitwear Patent comfortably embraces the palm. The hole for the thumb is generous to everybody. It excels in keeping the most sensitive parts of the body warm. After landing, you can release the thumb and roll up the patent on the wrist so that it does not obstruct.FlySkin Polypropylene DryUp Skin
  • Polypropylene / skin. Sector location: body and sleeves. (grey material of the first Active layer) Name of knitwear: Cube 150g 100% POP. Polypropylene excellently controls the body temperature and is hypoallergenic. It does not change shape even after repeated wearing. It keeps you warm even if it is wet, Furthermore, it can dry up within several minutes. Very pleasant feel on the body.FlySkin Patent with elastane Merino Skin

    Please, pay increased attention to information on washing symbols. Avoid fabric softeners and softening or bleaching preparations. They change the surface tension of fibres that lose the ability to draw away moisture. You can restore this property by repeated washing in detergents designed for functional thermal underwear. Use detergents for colour underwear. The products include merino. Avoid rapid changes in washing and rinsing temperatures. It could result in irrecoverable damage, which is demonstrated by a change in the shape and structure of merino. Do not iron the materials – products from polypropylene do not tolerate temperatures of ironing. After use, always let the thermal underwear air freely. It will eliminate moisture and possible odour by itself. 

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