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Nova Concertina Bag Light


  • $135.00 AUD

Nova Concertina Bag Light to keep your paraglider in the best shape.

Nova Concertina Bag Light is well suited for paragliders with internal structures sensitive to bending.

The lightweight concertina bag allows uncomplicated packing from cell to cell and protects the paraglider from external damage. Air and moisture can escape easily through the in-built ventilation net. Both the paraglider and risers can be compactly stored in the Concertina Bag Light.


I purchased the Nova Concertina bag light from Fly2Base. I was looking for a concertina bag for my new glider which has lots of structural rods that can’t be deformed when folding. It’s a well-thought-out concertina bag to help pack your glider in any situation when out landing. I really like the zip that doesn’t catch your glider (not buckles) and the mesh to hold the leading edge. Nova has done an excellent job showcasing a technique on how to pack your glider in the concertina light bag. I don’t fly a Nova Glider but think this concertina bag is the best I’ve had. Leigh Harry

Functional and lightweight. When developing the Concertina Bag Light, attention was paid to ease of use as the basis for gentle packing. Thanks to the choice of materials, the Concertina Bag Light with its practical details has a low overall weight (from 328 g - size S, without compression straps). The mesh insert allows good ventilation and the escape of moisture.

Fixing and closing. On the inside of the Concertina Bag Light, the profile nose of the wing can be fixed with a mesh. There are two more buckles along the length of the bag and a separate pocket for the risers is sewn into the lower end. Thanks to the smooth-running zip slider (anti-snagging slider) and the cord stoppers at the top and bottom, closing is particularly easy. The ready-folded Concertina Bag Light can be compactly tied together with adjustable compression straps. By the way, these are also long enough to allow the Concertina Bag Light to be wrapped around the harness.

Packing the glider

For particularly easy and gentle packing, packing instructions are printed on the Concertina Bag Light. The following shows the recommended packing method which best protects the equipment. Of course, depending on preference and situation, other packing methods can also be used. NOVA Concertina Bag Light - Official Packing Video Tutorial.

  1. Gather the glider in the shape of a rosette and place it next to the Concertina Bag Light
  2. Pull the wing tip of the opposite side once over the entire rosette and place it in the middle of the Concertina Bag next to it
  3. Lay the top surface rods profile rib by profile rib on top of each other – fold the whole canopy until the other wing tip is on top
  4. Then lay the lines lengthwise with a few turns next to/on the wing
  5. Use the net to fix the wing at the top of the nose and the buckle to fix the middle section of the glider
  6. Place the risers in the riser bag
  7. Fully close the zip
  8. Pull the top and bottom straps to close
  9. Fold the Concertina Bag into thirds and place the inflated Pack Roll across, between the first and second thirds of the Concertina Bag (this refers to the third between the nose and the middle of the wing) to protect the rods from bending too much. The white area marks the position of the second bend and the Pack Roll
  10. Close at the end with a compression system

Technical data

  • S Orange 245 x 40 cm 358 g
  • M Lime 280 x 45 cm 418 g
  • L Light Blue 315 x 50 cm 482 g

Choosing the right size

Select your wing model in the first column and its size in the first row. This is how you find out which size of Concertina Bag Light is the right one.

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