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PHI R07 Risers Exchange Replacement Lines (Pair)


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As part of the pre-flight check, every pilot is urgently required to check their equipment carefully. Especially the critical load-bearing components such as risers, lines and harnesses with all connection elements (see manual).

  • R07 Riser - B Suspension Line

  • R07 Riser - Safety Line

* One set of suspension lines or safety lines or both per order.

** This is a free exchange for used lines. Please do not order free replacement lines to keep them at home just in case without sending back the old lines. 

Add the following in the Order Notes field

  • Glider model and size: (Maestro 2 22, Allegro Light 21)

  • Serial Number:

* The replacement lines won't be dispatched unless the above details are provided

R07 Riser Revision (OLD/NEW)

  • OLD 5 bartacks above the C handle: see picture
  • NEW 2 bartacks above C handle
  • If there is only one model, the riser line selection doesn't have NEW  or OLD prefix, this is technically the OLD revision

R07 Riser Revision NEW (2 bartacks)

PHI Paraglider R07 riser revision NEW

R07 Riser Revision OLD (5 bartacks)

PHI Paraglider R07 riser revision OLD

Riser Length and Speedway (Speed-bar) Travel options

  • 600/150
  • 600/180
  • 600/200

* This value can be obtained from the label at the bottom of your R07 riser.

PHI Paraglider R07 riser size label

Refer to the PHI website for the R07 riser specifications, specifically the lengths tailored for your glider model.

* Look under the riser length and speedway



B-line Suspension Installation Check
To confirm the accurate installation of the B-line Suspension, compare the lengths of all three risers (A, B, and C) under a 20 kg tension. Ensure that the distance between the bottom of the riser and the top of the maillon for both the A and C risers, as well as the B-line Suspension, is identical.

Safety Line Installation

PHI Paraglider R07 riser safety line installation

The manufacturer issues the following safety notice

The R07 risers on the models ALLEGRO X-alps (later ALLEGRO light), MAESTRO 2 light, and MAESTRO 2, as well as all other PHI models that are equipped with the optionally available R07 risers, must be subjected to a visual inspection.

The check can be carried out by the owner by themselves and must be carried out before the next flight.

If damage or excessive wear is discovered, the owner is requested to stop flying the affected paraglider and contact PHI or their PHI dealer about replacing the affected line and, if necessary, the pulley.

R07 Riser Model has two options NEW and OLD. The length of the B suspension line is different for each model. The line for the NEW model is longer, line for the OLD model is shorter due to the B suspension line webbing loop on the C riser being lower on the NEW version. In most cases, Maestro 2 uses the NEW model and Allegro Light uses the OLD model. Nevertheless, you must check your risers model before ordering the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I replace my R07 B suspension line?

A: The general lifetime depends on conditions and usage. The lifetime is 200 hours of use / 2 years. Whatever happens earlier. In a demanding scenario, this interval could be shorter. Or if any of the following is observed:

  • Abnormal use of the line (hairy surface, cuts, loose fibres, faded colour, general bad look, salt, sand or dirt inside,…)
  • The colour fading of the red sleeve around the A risers is a good indicator of UV exposure: see the difference in colour between the red cloth of the cover (which got whitened) and the red sewing: see example photos

Swaps and Returns
If you've ordered an incorrect line, we can readily exchange it for the correct model or length. However, we need the incorrectly ordered line to be returned before dispatching the replacement. The returned line must be unused and in new condition.

Glider Registration
Please register your product to enable PHI to contact you directly in case of news regarding your product.

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