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Fly2Base ORCA Leather Gloves - Winter (Touchscreen Compatible)


  • $89.00 AUD

Fly2Base Paragliding Winter Gloves that will keep your hands warm


These Fly2Base winter gloves are our own design, we went through several prototypes and used the feedback from our Australian pilots to get this design. They are touchscreen compatible leather gloves, with a windproof membrane and 40 g/m2 Thinsulate. These gloves stand out in keeping your hands warm in the winter while providing very high dexterity so you can press buttons and clip and unclip buckles on your harness.




Fly2Base paragliding gloves are made from soft and durable goat leather with a snug fit that will allow you to comfortably use and operate your paragliding equipment like buckles and your flying instrument. Gloves are touchscreen compatible.


The aim of our Fly2Base winter gloves was to have high dexterity and high warmth. To address this challenge we have used a glove cut/shape very similar to the summer glove shape while adding a 40 g/m2 Thinsulate and placing a windproof membrane between the leather and Thinsulate lining. To make sure that we don't create thermal bridges by stitching through the Thinsulate we only attached the fingertips and did not stitch through the Thinsulate and the leather. As the windproof membrane is slippery and Thinsulate is loose in the glove you have to pinch each finger and take care when taking a sweaty hand out of the glove.



  • Soft leather
  • 40g/m2 Thinsulate
  • Windproof
  • Water repellent
  • Breathable
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Touch screen compatible

They take a bit of getting used to when you start using them again because they are thicker and your feeling from the wing becomes a bit damper but otherwise,e they keep my hands warm and the touch screen finger works a treat.



  • Width inch is a circumstance around the palm in inches
  • Length cm is the length from the top of the middle finger to the base of the hand.


Width inch

Length cm

 XS 7 17 cm
S 8 18 cm
M 9 19 cm
L 10 20 cm
XL 11 21 cm
XXL 12 22 cm

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