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Service - Full Service


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PRICE: $380 (plus return shipping $40)

Lead Time: 3 months
Turn Around Time: 2 weeks

Paragliding Full Service

When you place your booking please let us know the Model and Size of your glider in "Order Notes" in the "Check Out" section, for example, Mentor 5 S, Tenor M 21, Punk M. We will need to know the model and size of your glider so we can get the trimming table ready before your glider gets here. Thank you.

This is your 2 years or 150 hours of Full Service as recommended by the manufacturer of your paraglider. This is not just a check, this is a Full Comprehensive Service.

We will check the following

  • Visual Line Check
  • Line Length Measured and Checked and Adjusted
  • Correct the Line Trimming (Reset Back to Factory Trim)
  • Fabric Porosity Test on 8 points with a full report
  • Fabric Degradation Test Top and Bottom Sail
  • Fabric Degradation Test Internal Structure
  • Connection Tabs Check (glider)
  • Raiser Check
  • The structural integrity of the internal structure Test


    Our famous Line Trim Tuning is a part of this service at no extra cost.

    "We will make your paraglider fly like new or better again."

    Please send your glider via Australia Post to our Postal Address, one week prior to the week that you have booked your glider for a service.



    Hey Martin, Great job with the tandem mate. Had 4 flights today, and it felt great! Nil wind forward launch was easier and it didn’t hang back as before. Climbed to base beautifully with a light load and some scratching, and felt much better on the landings. Thank you!!!! Malcolm Hughson(Bluey)



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