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Service - Line Trim Tuning

Service - Line Trim Tuning


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PRICE: $250 extra $30 for soft links (plus return shipping $40)

Lead Time: 3 months
Turn Around Time: 2 weeks

Paragliding Line Trim Tuning Service

This service is suitable for gliders that are less than two years old. If your glider is more than two years old it is more suitable to make a booking for the Full Service for your paraglider.

The purpose of this service is to check your paraglider's trim within the first 20-40 hours and to re-set the line trim back to the factory trim if necessary.

The test results will be part of the Line Trim Tuning report. You will be provided with all the before and after measurements and the changes made. 

Prior to proceeding with he service, we will test that the glider is airworthy. If the glider is not airworthy we will get in touch with you prior proceidn with the line trim tuning service to discuss possible options.  As a part of this service, we will also do a "One Point Porosity Test" on the top midsection of the leading edge and a "Fabric Degradation Test" for all fabrics/colours used on your glider plus a Stitching Strength Test.  You will be provided with a Line Trim Tuning Report.

We will check the following

  • Line Length Measured and Checked and Adjusted
  • Fabric Porosity Test on 1 point (PASS/FAIL)
  • Fabric Degradation Test Top and Bottom Sail (PASS/FAIL)
  • Stitching Strenght Test Sail (PASS/FAIL)

When is the best time to book Line Trim Tuning?
Book the service as soon as you have received your new glider. With a lead time of 4-6 months, your glider will have 20-40 hours on it and the lines will be fully settled.

We recommend having your Line Trim checked when you have reached 20-40 flying hours with your glider. After the Line Trim Tuning Service, your glider will fly like new or better again for the next 100+ hours.

When you place your booking please let us know the Model and Size of your glider in "Order Notes" in the "Check Out" section, for example, Mentor 7 S, Tenor M 21, Base 2 M. We will need to know the model and size of your glider so we can get the trimming table ready before your glider gets here. Thank you.

Through the use, paraglider lines shrink or stretch. Generally, A and B lines might stretch a little or not shrink as much, whereas the C lines shrink at a faster rate. As a result, your glider starts flying slower and the handling becomes less agile after the first 20-40 hours of airtime on your new glider. All lines are affected in this way – regardless of material or manufacturer. This line stretching and shrinking process is complete once you have reached about 40 hours of airtime on your wing, after that the changes in the line length will be minimal. 

To make sure that your glider flies as new and offers the same safety as a brand-new glider we will measure all the lines, and analyse the trimming using special software developed by paragliding instructor and mathematician Ralf Antz. The line trim of your glider is then re-set back to the original manufacturer's trim.

"We will make your paraglider fly like new or better again."

Please send your glider via Australia Post to our Postal Address, one week prior to the week that you have booked your glider in for a service.



I was thinking of you today while having an awesome flight. What you have done with my lines has given me a much more balanced wing and way more enjoyable to fly.
I really appreciate the effort you put in for me. Alec Barrass



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