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Gin Bobcat Harness


  • $810.00 AUD

Gin Bobcat is a universal harness used for speedflying, mini wing flying, dune gooning, and tandem passenger harness, it also makes a great ground handling harness. 

What makes the bobcat such an amazing all-rounder is the comfortable design, one-size fits and back protector that extends from the bottom all the way up to the spine. This harness is a great option for those that will appreciate a back protector in a lite compact harness. 


Weight of harness: 1.6kg

Sizes: One size


Independent thigh loops without seat plate. Shoulder straps slide through the front cross straps for more precise piloting.



  • Safe T-bar
  • Side trimming adjustments
  • Light automatic buckles
  • Integrated 8 cm back protection
  • GIN Automatic carabiners included (30mm Zicral self-locking 'biners)

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