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How to calculate the price for a used 2nd hand paraglider?

Posted by Martin Havel on

Are you in the market for a used paraglider but unsure how to determine its worth? Calculating the price of a pre-owned paraglider involves several factors that can significantly impact its value. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or a beginner looking to purchase your first paragliding wing.


  • Price New $5,600
  • - $300 Age = Current Date - Purchased Date $20 per month
  • - $1,600 Air Time first 80 hrs @ $20 per hour
  • - $250 Plus Air Time after first 80 hrs @ $10 per hour
  • - $500 Superseded model $500 per model, (by two models -$1,000)
  • - $150 Ground Handling hours @ $30 per hour
  • - $100 Beach Flying, Stains, Damage
  • - $100 Repairs, Replaced Panels, Tape Repairs
  • Sale Price: $2,900


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Glider conditions to consider before posting the ad

  • How many flying hours have you done?
  • How many ground handling hours have you done?
  • Are there any stains, repairs or damage?
  • Have you done coastal flying with your glider?
  • Have you done SIV or water landings?


Let us know what is your favourite place to sell your used paragliding equipment so we can share it with the rest of the paragliding community.

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