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When selling used second-hand paragliding equipment, where should you post it?

Posted by Martin Havel on

When selling used paragliding equipment, popular platforms include specialized paragliding forums, social media groups dedicated to aviation enthusiasts, and online classifieds tailored to outdoor sports equipment. These platforms offer targeted audiences interested in paragliding gear, increasing the chances of reaching potential buyers. Additionally, local flying clubs or schools may provide bulletin boards or online forums where sellers can advertise their equipment to a community of fellow pilots.


Facebook Marketplace

Second Hand paragliding [50.2K members]

GGZ >> Paragliding Secondhand Pilot Supplies & Aviation Gear [31.7K members]

Paragliding Gear for sale [18.3K members]

Paragliding: 2nd hand equipment [18.1K members]  

Gleitschirm Second Hand [15.3K members]


Paragliding Ads: Market for 2nd hand gear for sale and wanted [7.0K members]

Australia's Paragliding Buy Swap and Sell [6.2K members]

Paragliding Market [6.1K members]

PSAW "Paragliding Shop" [5.4K members]

Second Hand Paragliding Asia [5.4K members]

Paragliding Bazar [5.3K members]

Paramotor and Paragliding Gear for sale (AUSTRALIA New & Used) [4.6K members]

Paragliding & Speedflying/Paramotor 2Hand [4.4K members]

Paragliding WORLD Equipment Used, New, Tours, everything paragliding [4.1K members]

Para gliding equipment for sale in INDIA [3.6K members]

PGTrader [2.7K members]

Paragliding & Paramotor SALE Paragliding.Buzz [2.6K members]


Paragliding Forum Classified Adds


Paragliding Second Hand Equipment 

Paraglider used market for the DACH region

DHV Used Market

Parapente Occasion France

Parapente Second Hand


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Let us know what is your favourite place to sell your used paragliding equipment.

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