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How to learn paragliding?

Posted by Martin Havel on

Here are the steps to learn paragliding:

  1. Find a school: Look for a reputable paragliding school or instructor in your area who offers training and certification courses. Ask Us for recommendations. 

  2. Take a beginner course: Start with a beginner or discovery course, which will introduce you to the basic concepts, equipment, and techniques of paragliding.

  3. Practice and gain experience: After completing the beginner course, it's important to practice and gain experience under the supervision of an instructor. This can involve taking additional training sessions, going on supervised flights, and practicing on your own.

  4. Obtain certification: To fly solo, you will need to obtain certification from a recognised governing body for individual country. Certification usually involves demonstrating your knowledge, skills, and experience to an instructor or evaluator.

  5. Continue to develop skills: Once you are certified, continue to develop your skills by taking advanced courses, participating in cross-country or competition flights, and seeking out mentorship from experienced pilots.

It's important to remember that paragliding is a physically and mentally demanding sport that requires discipline, practice, and commitment. It's also important to prioritise safety and follow all rules and regulations for safe flying.

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