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How to Pair a Bluetooth Headset to the Icom IC-A16E VHF Radio?

Posted by Martin Havel on

Following steps will guide you through pairing a Bluetooth headset to the Icom IC-A16E VHF Radio:

1. Press FUNC then press ENT/SET for 1 second, to enter a set mode
2. Press the MR/MW button to scroll through the menu items until you see BT SET on screen.
3. Press ENT/SET to enter the BT sub menu, use the up and down arrows to toggle BT to ON.
4. When BT ON is displayed on screen press the MR/MW button to toggle through the BT sub menu options.
5. Keep pressing MR/MW until you get PAIRING on the screen.
5. With PAIRING now showing on screen press ENT/SET button. PAIRING will now start to flash. Your radio is now in pairing mode ready to pair with your Bluetooth headset.


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