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Urs Haari the guy behind the Beamer 3 and Nova Pentagon reserves

Posted by Martin Havel on

The Swiss Legend Urs Haari is the guy behind the design and development of the Beamer 3 and NOVA Pentagon reserves.

Urs Haari develops rescue parachutes, and he also tests them over the ground. Urs has now deployed the paragliding reserve parachute more than 400 times. Very often the paragliding rescue parachute is the part of the equipment that most paraglider pilots pay the least attention to. Even though this extra piece of fabric in the harness could very likely save your life in an emergency. In everyday flight, however, it is perceived as ballast. That is why there is a demand from pilots for the paragliding rescues parachutes to be as light as possible and have a small packing volume.

Urs Haari follows such developments with a critical eye. Urs is a Swiss aviator legend. He has been a multiple Swiss champion in the past 25 years. He was on the podium at world championships and paragliding world cups. In 2019, he won the Swiss cross-country flight contest in the sports class. However, his most formative influence the paragliding rescue scene can be found hidden in many harnesses. Urs co-developed various controllable and non-controllable rescues, and above all also intensively tested them. Urs is primarily concerned with understanding the interaction between paraglider and rescuer while descending. This is why Urs Haari is likely a paragliding pilot with the world's greatest practical experience with the paraglider rescue parachutes.

Here is a list of rescue parachutes designed and developed by Urs Haari 

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