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Service - Porosity Test


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Paragliding Porosity Test

We use the latest JDC MK 2 porosity meter. The JCD porosity meters are the most accurate and most frequently used porosity meter in the paragliding industry.

Paraglider porosity measures the amount of time it takes for a certain volume of air to pass through the paraglider canopy fabric. To test the porosity of a glider, we use the JDC MK 2 Porosimeter.

The JDC MK 2 measures the time necessary for 0.25 litres of air under 4hPa pressure to go through 38.5 cm2 of cloth. The glider's canopy is measured for porosity in several different areas of the top and bottom surfaces.

We provide 5 measurements on the top surface and 3 on the undersurface. The measurements are made 20 - 30 cm inboard from the leading edge in the approximate positions indicated in the diagram. The lowest accepted average value for the top and bottom surface is 10-15 seconds as recorded by a JDC porosity meter.

Using the industry standard formula, see the table used to interpret the results, the wing was found to be in: "See Highlighted Cell" in Yellow Formula ---> 5400 / time in seconds displayed on the MK2.

Here is a  Sample Porosity Test Report for this service.

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