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Kortel Kruyer III

Kortel Kruyer III


  • $670.00 AUD

KORTEL Kruyer III - “Lightness !”

Improvement in terms of comfort from the previous model. Back support has been always a strong point for Kortel harnesses and back fir Kruyer III is well supported even with fully opened shoulder strap. Kruyer III is fully adjustable for every section of the harness using the spliced lines. the groin area has been redesigned and there is zero pressure in this section during the launch phase or while ground handling. You can either step through or lock-in with easy to use t-buckles. The harness comes with Kortel T-Bone softlinks. Most comfortable g-string harness on the market. Great harness for mini-wings, speed flying, hike and fly or ground handling. Martin Havel

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The Kruyer III is the new lightweight harness from Kortel Design.
The Kruyer III has been reworked and now incorporates moulded 3D geometry!
This technology offers unequalled comfort for a harness of this weight.
It is also equipped with the exclusive system of loops "Konnect".


  • S 335 g
  • M 340 g
  • L 375 g
  • XL 405 g

  • EN 1651
  • LTF with the SaK III

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