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Service  - Fabric, Lines and Risers Inspection

Service - Fabric, Lines and Risers Inspection


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Paragliding Fabric Degradation Test

Fabric Degradation Test is a tear resistance test designed for use on fabrics such as aircraft ‘skins’, sails, parachutes etc which cannot easily be removed for testing in the laboratory. It is important to be able to establish the residual tensile strength in a fabric during the course of its service life without damaging the fabric.

The sail on your paraglider is tested to withstand the tension of 6 kN (612 g). If the fabric will not tear or will not tear more than 5 mm the test is a pass, otherwise, the test fails. We also test the internal ribs which are important structural parts of your paraglider.

The Fabric Degradation Inspection takes advantage of the direct relationship between tensile strength and resistance to tear and it does this without disturbing the structures or surfaces under scrutiny. Used in accordance with the fabric degradation inspection instructions, damage to the fabric will only result if it is below the minimum strength laid down by the manufacturer, in which event renewal or not-airworthy is assumed to be indicated.

Stitching is equally subject to ageing and weakening by UV and other factors.

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