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Regular SIV or ACRO Paragliding where to start?

Posted by Martin Havel on

Many of the experienced ACRO Paragliding pilots have started on an easy to fly a basic glider with high passive safety before moving on to the Freestyle or Acro glider.
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The first manoeuvres shall be practised safely until they are fully mastered. The right glider will help you to start safely and progress fast while feeling confident and in control when learning all the basic manoeuvres from Wing Over, Stalls, Tail-Slides, Deep Stalls, SATs, Spins to some more technical manoeuvres like the Helico, Misty Flip and so on. Hannes Papesh’s philosophy when it comes to paraglider design is that simple is best. His mission is to make flying simple, safe and fun again, hence the large range of easy-to-fly paragliders. Safe does not mean boring: PHI say that the PHI Sonata has good performance, precise handling and is a lot of fun, and test pilot Mike Kung commented that it has surprising freestyle abilities! Other gliders to consider are BGD EPIC, we have been told by the test pilots that EPIC does nice SATs and NOVA ION 5 that will allow you to push the boundaries with its high pitch stability.

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