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What is EN 926 and what are the EN 926.1 requirements?

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The EN 926 certification consists of two parts: EN 926.1 details paraglider structural strength requirements and EN 926.2 details paraglider flight tests requirements. Paragliders that have been tested and found to be compliant with both EN 926.1 and EN 926.2 are therefore compliant with the EN 926 series.

Requirements glider
  • When tested according to the EN 962.1 shock loading test the visual inspection of the wing shall not show significant damage.

Breaking strength of the suspension lines
  • The sum of strength after bending test of the lines of the first level shall exceed the greater of 14 × g × [max weight in flight] or 14 000 N (g = 9,81 m/s2). For each level, the same calculation is performed.
  • The result shall exceed the greater of 14 × g × [max weight in flight] or 14 000 N (g = 9,81 m/s2).
  • The minimum breaking strength of any first level line (first line connected to the raiser) shall be 750 N. The minimum breaking strength of any line shall be greater than 200 N.

EN 926 Example of line rigging

Line bending test
  • A line under a constant tension of 2 N ± 10% is bent back and forward around a cylinder. The minimum rotation required for a cycle is 350°.
  • A complete cycle shall take a maximum of 2 s (2 bendings).
  • After 5 000 complete bending cycles, the breaking strength of the test specimen is measured.


Marking and Label for EN 926.1 tested paraglider
This clause doesn't apply if the paraglider has been also submitted to EN 926.2. The conformity of the paraglider to the requirements of the EN 926.1 shall be stated on a stamp or label permanently fixed to the canopy. The label shall include the following information provided by the manufacturer: 

  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Name of person or company having presented the paraglider for testing (if different from manufacturer)
  • Paraglider model name
  • Class of the paraglider. This entry shall only state "LOAD TESTED ONLY"
  • Number and name of this document, i.e. EN 926.1, Requirements and test methods for structural strength, and issue date
  • References to any other standards the paraglider is in compliance with;
  • Year (four digits) and month of manufacture
  • Serial number
  • Minimum and maximum total weight in flight (kg)
  • Paraglider weight (wing, lines, risers) (kg)
  • Projected area (m2)
  • Number of risers
  • Inspections (whichever is earlier)
  • Number of (months)
  • Number of (hours flying time)
  • Conformity tests carried out by (name and address of the testing laboratory)
  • Unique identifying test reference number
  • Warning: Before use refer to the user's manual


More details about the other part of the EN 926 the EN 926.2 can be found on the HGFA website.

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