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How To - AlfaPilot Factory Reset Step by Step

Posted by Martin Havel on

Before going ahead with the factory reset, please back up any data or files that you would like to keep. You can connect your AlfaPilot to your computer the same way as an external USB hard drive.
User Manual
Here is a link to the User Manual in case you need any extra information.
Factory Reset
From your home screen select Applications > Settings > Factory Reset, Optional: Delete all files, generally there is no need to delete all data
After Reset
  • Select the Language
  • Set Up the time zone, date and time
  • Connect to Wifi Network
  • Demo mode > Deactivate (For User)
  • Press COMPLETE


  • Turn off the Screen light
  • Go to Applications > Settings > User Settings > Usb Connect Mode > Mass Storage


  • Start the SeRiFLy app
  • Go to Settings > System > Update SeRi FLY APP > Install
  • Verify apps? > Agree
  • SeRi FLY App installed > Open

STEP 4 - If you have deleted all data

  • Download Backup SDCard (content of internal memory)
  • Download Maps
  • Download HotSpots - Thermal files GPX
  • Copy the files to the corresponding folders on AlfaPIlot


  • In SeriFly
  • Go to Settings > System > Import Configuration > Config
  • Go to Settings > Managers [Maps - Waypoint - Thermals -Air Spaces]
  • Activate
    • Manage Thermals
    • Manage Air Spaces
    • Map Map Manager

STEP 6 - Reset Screens

  • Go to Settings > Display Settings > Reset Screens


Setup File

Additionallyyou can reset the setup file
Use the "Config_Base.cfg". "SeRi Fly -> Settings -> System -> Import Configuration" and select them. If you need the basic content on Internal Memory (Without Maps and elevations files) you can download them from here.
Firmware Upgrade
Connect to WiFi. Start Up SeriFly > System > Update SeRi FLY APP
I will be more than happy to do the factory reset for you. If you get stuck at any point please let me know via email and I will email you more detailed instructions. If you prefer me to do the factory reset just send me the instrument and I will do the factory reset for you. 

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