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Garmin inReach Explorer+ or SE+

Posted by Martin Havel on

There are two products in this category to look in to.

They are identical products offering exactly the same functionalities. The inside electronic components are exactly the same, the only difference is that Explorer+ offers Topological Mapping and SE+ doesn't have the Topological Mapping. If you need the topological maps then Explorer + is a better option. 

Fly2Base Garmin inReach Explorer+ Satellite CommunicatorIf you don't need a topological map then SE+ will do all that you need for your paragliding satellite communicator tracker. You can often download offline google maps on your phone to use them later when you are out of the mobile phone reception. Unless you have a particular scenario in your mind where you will need access to the offline topological maps regularly than SE + might be all you will ever need.

Fly2Base Garmin inReach SE+ Satellite CommunicatorGarmin inReach is the best value for money when it comes satellite communicators with two-way communication and tracking. They use more reliable Iridium satellite which gives you 100% global coverage. SPOT uses the Globalstar Satellite Network which doesn't cover 100% of the entire globe and is not as reliable.

Another benefit of inReach is that you can pause your plan when you are not using it and activate it when you start using it again. The big guns who fly heaps often use inReach. Many pilots that tow regularly uses the inReach as well. Many weekend warriors have recently switched to inReach satellite trackers.

The minimum plan for paragliding is the RECREATION plan that offers unlimited tracking. You have two options with this plan:

  • $40 AUD Fixed Annual Contract
  • $55 AUD Freedom Plan

$40 AUD Fixed Annual Contract
This is a fixed contract and fixed plan that you can't stop. This plan will cost $480 per year

$55 AUD Freedom Plan
Freedom plan will allow you to stop and restart the service when you are not using it. There is a Minimum 30-day commitment so when you activate the plan you have to have ti active for a minimum of 30 days.To make this plan work financially you will have to stop the service each year for at least 4 months in which case your annual cost for this plan will be $440. If you won't stop the recreational service for at least 4 months per year it cheaper and more convenient to get the fixed annual contract. This plan works really well for guys that are on the rostered work, work overseas for long periods of time or pilots that don't fly during the winter.

Fly2Base is the official Australian Garmin dealer so we the capacity to resolve any potential problems promptly. 

Here is a link to the Annual plans.

Fly2Base Garmin inReach annual plans

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