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How to Stop ICOM UHF Beep Beep setting - Notification that someone has broadcast on 'your' frequency.

Posted by Martin Havel on

ICOM - 41pro super annoying beep solved!!!!

- it turns out that it is the Tone Squelch pocket beep.  It is turned off by simply pushing the PTT button and the radio returns back to normal TSQL (tone squelch) - ie non pocket beep.
 To be on, it has to be turned on by long pressing (2 seconds) the 'side 1' button. - this is depicted by a Bell symbol on the screen.  Apparently this is meant to be a notification that someone has broadcast on 'your' frequency.  When received while in this mode the radio beeps every 10 seconds and flashes the Bell icon.

If you see it in pocket beep mode (solid bell) long press (2 secs) side 1 button - then repeat a second time.  This cycles the Tone Squelch setting thru TSQL / TSQL Beep / TSQL Off.  So you will need to long press twice to get it back to TSQL.

So it seems that it can be turned on by accidentally long pressing the side button (easy to do) and it changes from TSQL -> TSQL beep.  This is the pocket beep to notify that someone has broadcast on your frequency.  A single touch of the PTT will revert it back to TSQL. ie it won't automatically go back to the TSQL beep mode unless the side 1 button is long pressed again.

Thank you to Royce Allenson for this write up.

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