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Paragliding Accidents and Swiss Cheese Model Approach

Posted by Martin Havel on

Swiss Cheese Model is a reliable accident and risk management methodology used in aviation safety, emergency service, engineering and healthcare. In the Swiss Cheese Model problem occurs when multiple holes are lined up. Swiss Cheese Model is described as multiple layers of Swiss cheese, stacked side by side, in which the threat of a risk becoming a reality is mitigated by the different layers and types of defences that are laid down between each other. Therefore lapses and weaknesses in one defence system do not allow a risk to materialize, since other defences also exist, this prevents a single point of failure.

Some layers of swiss cheese are 100% in the pilot's control some are not. What is one bullet prove layer in your swiss cheese model that you control that will mitigate potential accidents?


Paragliding and Hang gliding accidents and swiss cheese model to mitigate them

Here are 3 simple steps for midair collision layer
1. Look before you turn
2. Plan your escape route
3. Allow space for sink and mistakes

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Video - Avoid a paragliding midair collision! How to fly in paragliding traffic.

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