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30 Years of Airtime NOVA Magazine (English)

Posted by Martin Havel on

Celebrating a thirtieth anniversary in an industry that is hardly older itself is something special. I f you look at the development of paragliding and that of NOVA, you can see that a lot of things happened in parallel.

Link to the 30 Years of Airtime NOVA Magazine (English)

It is a given that a company is guided by the requirements of the market and the wishes of its customers. If not, the company will not be successful. However, the fact that a company influences the entire market is less common. NOVA has achieved this several times, both in terms of important innovations and technologies and in terms of market developments (when and how you can read in the following pages). We’re a little proud of that. With this magazine, we would like to thank our friends, partners and customers for 30 successful years. But don’t worry, this magazine isn’t full of just company history. We have made every effort to offer all paraglider pilots something of value – with practical tips and lots of useful and factual information. The last 30 years included some wild times, especially at the beginning. Like in flying, there were some high and some low points. But no matter how it was going, our work has given us a lot of pleasure from the very beginning until today. We love what we do and it is a great privilege to work in the industry that is about the most beautiful diversion in the world. Even if a lot has happened in the 30 years, at NOVA we are as passionate about paragliding as we were on the very first day. And we do our utmost to bring a smile to the faces of our customers. With this in mind, we wish you wonderful, safe flights and look forward to the next 30 years!
Happy landings from the entire NOVA Team

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